Lidl Christmas Movie Guide

Check out our elves top movie picks below to watch over the festive season. Nick, Eve, Eddie and Holly have put together a guide with their favourite Christmas movies to watch on TV and Netflix over the festive season. Now all you need to do is choose the best snacks and drinks for your movie night in! 


The Great Escape (1963)

No Christmas is complete without watching Steve McQueen apparently vrooming himself to freedom on his Triumph TR6 Trophy which, for the bike nerds among you, was disguised as a Germany army issue BMW R75. A thrilling cinematic set piece, it helped make McQueen one of the first million-dollar-a-picture movie stars, and The Great Escape a timeless family favourite. Like Harry Potter and the lingerie department episode of Father Ted, it’s guaranteed to grace festive TV screens and have you oo-ing and aa-ing as Steve and his Triumph take flight.

Snack: Despite its international cast, McQueen's portrayal of Captain Virgil Hilts, AKA 'The Cooler King', is so quintessentially American it has to be hot dogs with onions and mustard.

Drink: Again, it has to be an all-American classic like Budweiser or Coors, both of which the Hollywood superstar can be seen sipping in iconic photos taken on set.

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Die Hard (1988)

Forget The Grinch or Ebenezer Scrooge, the biggest Christmas villain of all time is Dr. Hans Gruber whose criminal designs on the Nakatomi Plaza bank vaults mean that, instead of getting home to the kids, John McClane has to climb up elevator shafts, abseil down vents and generally put the festivities on ‘hold’.

With Alan Rickman oozing crazed malevolence from every pore and Bruce Willis giving Sly ‘n’ Arnie a run for their money in the action hero department – if you haven't used his “Yippee-ki-yay” line, you've been tempted to, right? – it cleaned up at the holiday box-office. 

Snack: To stand any chance of keeping up with John McClane you’ll need a protein bar.

Drink: Likewise, if you're going to get through all adrenaline pumping 132 minutes of it, an energy drink will be required.


Bridget Jones' Diary (2001)

Christmas jumper sales rocketed in Ireland after Ms. Jones and her true love Mark Darcy sported them in her first big screen outing. Award yourself an extra eggnog if you remember that hers was covered in festive ribbons and his had a very red-nosed Rudolph on it. Eyebrows were raised when it was announced that Renée Zellweger was to play Bridget, but the American did a top-notch job of portraying existential British female angst. Add in a soundtrack that included Otis Redding's 'Respect', Chaka Khan's 'I'm Every Woman' and Gerri Halliwell's gloriously OTT take on 'It's Raining Men', and for many this modern rejigging of Pride And Prejudice rates as the greatest rom-com of all-time.

Snack: Having helped Bridget through numerous long dark nights of the soul, it has to be a family-sized tub of ice cream, albeit with just one spoon.

Drink: She's rarely spotted in the film without a generous glass of Chardonnay in hand, so if it's good enough for Bridget…

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Home Alone (1990)

Joe Pesci may be the toughest of Mafia wise guys – see him starring alongside Al and Bobby in The Irishman for proof – but he's no match for eight-year-old Kevin McCallister who, having unwittingly been left in charge of the family home, comes up with ingenious ways to defend it from burglars. Unfortunately for his parents, these involve the sort of collateral damage normally reserved for war zones. "I think we're being scammed by a kindergartener," Pesci's character Harry Lime mutters darkly as his plans start to spectacularly unravel.

Snack: Kevin's deep-pan pizza of choice, which is all the cheeses.

Drink: He likes to wash down his tutti i formaggio with a flute of Coke.


It's A Wonderful Life (1946)

No Christmas cockle will be left un-warmed by this story of Clarence Odbody, Angel Second Class, who is sent to earth to try and persuade a troubled businessman, George Bailey, not to leap from a bridge. The technique he deploys is showing George just how poorer the world would be without him.

With James Stewart, Donna Reed and Lionel Barrymore among the acting royalty involved, it should be a legal requirement that this is watched at least once every Yuletide.

Snack: A sugar candy cane as spotted on the Bailey family Christmas tree. 

Drink: A celebratory bottle of bubbly for when George decides that life is indeed wonderful. 

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The Polar Express (2004)

Courtesy of revolutionary new computer animation techniques, Tom Hanks's flight (well, train journey) of Christmas fancy looked like nothing that had come before it. Aware that a little boy in Grand Rapids, Michigan has started to doubt the existence of Santa, magical sources send a steam locomotive to pick him up from outside his house and whisk him off to the North Pole. With eagles, ghosts, hobos and track-blocking caribou – it makes a change from leaves – all being encountered along the way, few festive journeys have been as epic. 

Snack: Marshmallows to go with the catering car's beverage of choice, which is... 

Drink: ... hot chocolate! 


Gremlins (1984)

Snacking after midnight and climbing inside food processors are among the evils highlighted by this superior comedy horror, which will have you laughing like a hyena one moment and hiding behind the sofa the next hoping that those nasty snarling Mogwai go away!

In case you've forgotten, Gizmo is the doe-eyed cutesy one and Stripe, Brain and Mohawk the unholy terrors who give an unsuspecting group of carol singers their own personal nightmare before Christmas.

Snack: You’re entering into perilous territory here, but popcorn should be safe enough.

Drink: Anything but water!

Santa's Chocolate House

Elf (2003)

“I passed through the seven levels of the candy-cane forest, through the sea of swirly-twirly gum drops, and then I walked through the Lincoln Tunnel.” 

So says Buddy as he completes his epic 3,600-mile journey from the North Pole to Manhattan. Having discovered that he's not of natural elf stock, Santa's large helper has headed Stateside to try and find his blood relatives. Whether going for a cup of coffee, meeting a fake Santa, or romancing young ladies, it soon becomes apparent that his childlike innocence is out of place in the Big Apple. Or is it? 

Snack: Taking your cue from Buddy, a big plate of cookies...

Drink: ... and a glass of milk.

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Scrooged (1988)

Continuing his hot streak, which had started with the Ghostbusters films, Bill Murray hams it up goodo in this box-office smash, which transports A Christmas Carol from Victorian London to the heart of yuppie New York. With the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future all coming along for the ride, film executive Frank is comprehensively put through the emotional ringer. 

By the time Al Green and Annie Lennox get to belt out 'Put A Little Love In Your Heart' at the end, you'll have laughed, cried and decided that Murray's mullet is one of the worst Hollywood haircuts of all time.

Snack: In honour of Frank and Claire having their first date in a Chinese restaurant, break out the prawn crackers and sweet chili sauce.

Drink: Frank is partial to a vodka, which, given the time of year, should be accompanied by a generous glug of cranberry juice.


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)

Having penned thirteen James Bond books in quick succession, Ian Fleming did a 180 with his tale of oddball inventor Caractacus Potts, his phantasmagorical flying car and the candy factory heiress, Truly Scrumptious, who becomes its co-driver.

While on an evil par with such legendary 007 adversaries as Blofeld and Hugo Drax, the film’s standout character, The Child Catcher, was actually dreamt up by Roald Dahl who oversaw the big-screen adaptation. It premiered in December  ’68 with the holiday market in mind, hence the enduring Christmas association.

Snack: In the absence of Toot Sweets – cue Dick Van Dyk chirping: “A musical morsel supreme!” – we’d recommend a bag of Haribo.

Drink:  In keeping with the sweet-toothed tone of the film, some strawberry milk. After that, though, it’s back to the organic wheatgrass juice…