Bally Manor Turkey

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Our Bally Manor Turkey is 100% traceable, meaning it has been responsibly sourced from dedicated farms that operate within strict food hygiene, animal welfare and environmental guidelines.

Our farmers, along with their veterinarians, create a specific health plan to ensure that their birds receive the best care and attention possible.

All our quality assurance team are highly trained, with a wealth of knowledge and butchery experience between them.

Turkey Breast Satay

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This turkey breast satay is a great way of using up Christmas leftovers, but it’s something that can be enjoyed all year round using lean turkey steaks. These can be served on skewers, and taste great barbecued.

Click here for the full recipe.

Turkey with Cinnamon & Pepper Sauce

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This is a great mid-week meal option, requiring only 15 minutes cooking time. Garnish this dish with coriander and lemon juice, and serve with boiled rice. For more information on this recipe see here.