Shoot to Save with Lidl

1: Go to an LGFA Championship game & shoot your highlights

2: Share on Instagram or TikTok with #LidlShootToSave and tag @lidlireland and follow

3: The more likes you get, the more money you'll get off your Lidl shop

Redeem in the app & save in-store

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Free School Uniforms

Spend €20 on uniforms from 1st - 7th July with Lidl Plus & get a €20 voucher for your back to school shop in August!

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  2. Scan


  3. Submit


Included in the offer are:

381342 Kids' Vests

381350 Kids' Vests

417881 Kids' School Trousers

417898 Kids' Pinafore

417899 Kids' School Sweatshirt

417903 Kids' Polo Shirts

417905 Kids' School Shirts

417906 Kids' School Shirts

417907 Kids' Polo Shirts

417909 Kids' Cycling Shorts

417912 Kids' Skirt

419009 Kids' Painting Overall

446609 Kids' Character Trainer Socks

301609 Girls' Pinafore

450201 Kids' Skirt

450202 Kids' Pinafore

450203 Kids' Ankle Socks

450204 Kids' Knee High Socks

450205 Kids' Ankle Socks

450209 Kids' School Trousers

450211 Kids' Cycling Shorts

450213 Kids' Joggers

450214 Kids' School Shirts

450215 Kids' School Shirts

450216 Kids' School Sweatshirt

450217 Kids' Polo Shirts

450218 Kids' Polo Shirts

451132 Kids' T-Shirts

Valid from Mon 1st - Sun 7th July. Voucher will be available to use in-app from August 22nd. Exclusions apply. See T&C’s here

Steps To Lidl Plus

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Why Download Lidl Plus?

Why Download Lidl Plus?

Lidl Plus Treats

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Toggle On & Save Paper With Lidl Plus

Help reduce paper wastage by switching to digital receipts and it’s as easy as flicking a switch. Turn on the in app toggle to stop the till from printing a physical receipt

I don’t see the toggle/switch – why?

The toggle will appear on your Lidl Plus card. If you do not see it, please update your app.

I switched the toggle on – why did the till print a receipt?

The toggle must be switched on before scanning your Lidl Plus card at the till.

I want a refund – but I only have a digital receipt!

That's fine as the Digital receipts can be used for all the same reasons as a paper one.

I didn’t get a digital receipt – why not?

In order to get a digital receipt you need to scan your Lidl Plus card as part of your transaction. It may take up to 30 minutes for a digital receipt to update In your app.


The Lidl Plus LGFA Rewards Scheme returns to the Lidl Plus app on Monday, 4th of September to help secondary schools earn rewards to support their Ladies Gaelic Football teams

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