100% Irish Beef

Whether you prefer it slapped between buns or simmered in a stew, our fresh Irish beef range offers quality cuts to suit every cook. From Irish beef roasting joints, handy packs of organic mince beef and succulent aged steaks at incredible prices, we’re proud of our traceable beef and the expert local farmers who produce it.

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Andy Sheridan, Beef Farmer

Liffey Meats, Co. Cavan

Just one of the farmers that supplies us with quality Irish beef. Even on rainy days, he loves the beauty of his workplace. With a large variety of tasks, there is always something different to do every day on his County Meath farm. He enjoys every aspect of his farming life, finding great reward in working with nature, With our fresh beef being 100% fully traceable from farm to fork, only the highest animal welfare standards will do. Fed on grass and out to pasture for 240 days a year, Andy ensures his animals receive the best care and attention that he can give.

In partnership with Liffey Meats, we have introduced new and improved packaging made with FSC-certified paper and using 75% less plastic which equates to a savings of more than 70 tonnes of plastic per year as part of our CSR strategy, A Better Tomorrow.

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Award Winning Taste

At Lidl we are fully committed to working with Irish suppliers to create the best quality products at the lowest prices for our customers. We're proud to have picked up some prestigious awards for our quality cuts of beef including Gold at the 2020 Blas na hEireann for our Irish Angus Rib Eye Steaks supplied by Liffey Meats in Co. Cavan.

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Our Fresh Beef Range

Our beef range is 100% traceable, meaning it has been responsibly sourced from dedicated farms that operate within strict food hygiene, animal welfare and environmental guidelines. Our farmers, along with their veterinarians, create a specific health plan to ensure that their animals receive the best care and attention possible. All our quality assurance team are highly trained, with a wealth of knowledge and butchery experience between them.

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Rib Eye

What it tastes like: Rib eyes are deeply beefy and juicy, with plenty of fat to carry their flavour.

How to cook it: cook over high heat — pan sear or grill. With the high fat content though, you need to be careful about flare-ups.


What it tastes like: Lots of beefy flavour, great mix of lean meat to fat. These are a real crowd pleaser.

How to cook it: cook over high heat — pan sear or grill. It’s also perfect to make a steak sandwich with.


What it tastes like: The tenderest cut of all the steaks. It is buttery and mild in flavour.

How to cook it: These tend to be thicker cuts, the best way to cook it is to quickly sear the outside and then finish the cooking in the gentle even heat of an oven or BBQ.

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Cooking Guide

Whether you prefer rare, medium or well done, follow our guide on how to cook the perfect steak every time.

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