Deposit Return Scheme Now Live!

The Irish government's nationwide Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) is now live since 1st February 2024 in all Lidl’s 179 stores.

Since becoming the first retailer to launch a DRS trial in September 2021, Lidl’s reverse vending machines have collected more than 2 million bottles and cans.

Lidl has two reverse vending machines per store across all stores in the Republic of Ireland making it quick and simple for you to return both plastic PET bottles and aluminium drinks containers.

From 1st February, new Irish legislation will enforce a 15 cent deposit to be paid on bottles and cans from 150ml-500ml and 25 cent for over 500ml – 3 litres at tills in all retail stores.

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How To Return

How To Return

How to return when you have finished your drink:

• Return your empty, uncrushed container with the Re-turn logo to your local Lidl

• Follow the simple, easy-to-use instructions on our reverse vending machine to scan your bottle and deposit into the machine. The machine will then calculate the value of deposit to be returned and issue you with a money back voucher.

• Simply take your printed money back voucher to the Lidl till to redeem in one of two ways: choose to get cash back or use against purchases in store.

• For bigger returns, check out Lidl Ireland’s new Deposit Return Scheme bags and containers by Clicking here

Benefits of Deposit Return

1. Convenient for all Lidl customers: Lidl has two reverse vending machines in all 179 stores across the Republic of Ireland to make returning your Re-turn drinks containers easier and claiming your refund in cash or against other purchases.

2. Lidl Recycling Community: Recycling is one of the most effective actions we can take as individuals and communities to tackle climate change. Working together, we can all help to improve recycling in our communities.

3. Circular Economy Initiative: As a circular economy initiative, the new Deposit Return Scheme aims to move away from the ‘take, make and dispose’ culture to one of returning plastic and aluminium materials to be remade into new bottles and cans.

4. Protecting your environment: Since becoming the first retailer to launch a deposit return scheme trial in September 2021, Lidl’s reverse vending machines have collected more than 2 million bottles and cans, creating cleaner streets and parks in our communities.

Be Part Of The Cycle

Be Part Of The Cycle

What To Return

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Plastic bottles and aluminium and steel cans featuring the Re-turn logo (shown here).


150ml – 3 litres

• All eligible drinks containers will display the Re-turn logo (shown here), making it easy to identify what is included in the Deposit Return Scheme.

• Drinks containers must be returned empty and not crushed

Where To Return

All 179 Lidl stores in the Republic of Ireland will have two machines to ensure it is easy and convenient for you to return your uncrushed drink containers

How do I use a Reverse Vending Machine (RVM)?

All RVMs will have clear instructions on how drinks containers featuring the Re-turn logo should be inserted into the machine. When empty, uncrushed bottles or cans are inserted, the machine reads the barcode printed on the container to confirm it is eligible within the Deposit Return Scheme before issuing a paper voucher to the value of deposits returned. Consumers may then present this voucher at the till for full refund or against a Lidl store purchase.

*It is important to note that vouchers issued from an RVM must be redeemed at the same retail outlet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Drinks purchased before 1 February, 2024 are not included in the Deposit Return Scheme but should still be recycled in your home recycling bin. From 1 February, 2024, when you purchase a drinks container with a Re-turn logo on it, you will be charged a small deposit in addition to the purchase price of the drink. This deposit will be fully refunded when you return your empty, uncrushed drinks container to your local Lidl store

From 1 February, 2024, when you buy a drink with the Re-turn logo, you will be charged a small deposit in addition to the price of the drink as follows:

• A deposit of 15 cent will apply to containers from 150ml to 500ml inclusive

• A deposit of 25 cent for containers over 500mls to 3 litres inclusive.

The drinks containers included in the scheme are PET plastic bottles and aluminium and steel cans between 150mls and 3 litres.

When you purchase a drink at any retailer which is between 150ml – 3 litres and features the Re-turn logo printed on the can or bottle, you will automatically be charged an additional ‘deposit’ fee to be paid on top of the price of the drink. If purchased within our Lidl stores, your receipt will clearly show you the price paid for the drink and a second charge for the drink container deposit.

No. The Deposit Return Scheme is an initiative by the Irish Government which comes into legal force from 1st February 2024. The initiative will see a deposit applied to every drinks container which features the Re-turn logo. This deposit is charged in addition to the retail price, but is fully refundable when you return your empty, uncrushed container. Effectively, when you buy a Re-turn labelled item, you will be buying the drink and borrowing the container. Lidl Ireland is not increasing the retail price of any drink included in the scheme.

The purpose of the scheme is to encourage everyone to recycle eligible drinks containers for the benefit of our environment, local communities and ourselves. Every person can choose to participate in the Deposit Return Scheme or not. However, if you choose to purchase a Re-turn drink and not return the empty container to be recycled, you will forfeit your deposit and lose out on being able to claim your deposit back.

Whilst the deposit charged is low (between 15 cents and 25 cents per container), small charges can quickly add up and, over time, this could equate to a significant amount of money. Lidl Ireland is therefore encouraging every one to participate in the Deposit Return Scheme by using its Reverse Vending Machines to quickly return eligible drinks containers and easily claim back deposits paid.

You can return your empty, uncrushed plastic bottle with or without the lid. We recommend returning bottles with caps, because this will ensure that the cap is recycled, too. Also, if the bottle cap is still on, it is easier to preserve the shape of the bottle.

From 1 February, 2024, when you purchase a drink with the Re-turn logo and pay your deposit fee at the till, you will get a full refund on returning the empty, uncrushed container to any of Lidl’s 179 stores through the use of a Reverse Vending Machine (RVM). It is important to note that vouchers issued from an RVM in Lidl must be redeemed at a Lidl store.

You will have a choice to receive your refund against your Lidl purchase or cash.

Drinks containers bought in any retailer can be returned in Lidl if they are empty, uncrushed and carry the Re-turn logo.

• It doesn’t have the Re-turn logo.

• Container is outside of the 150ml - 3 litres parameters.

• The container is for a dairy product or is made from glass or tetra.

• The container is damaged.

• Liquid is detected in the container.

• Barcode is not readable, or the label has been removed.

• If you reach too far into the RVM when placing the container onto the conveyor belt.

No, vouchers from RVMs can only be redeemed in the store the containers were returned to.

No. Containers in Northern Ireland are not part of the Deposit Return Scheme. Containers in Northern Ireland will have different barcodes and will not carry the Re-turn logo.

Barcode Checker

If you would like to check if your drinks container is included in Ireland’s Deposit Return Scheme, Re-turn, click here and simply type in the barcode numbers displayed on the side of the plastic bottle or can