Meet The Christmas Elves

This Christmas, the Lidl Elves are back and absolutely everywhere! Dad Nick, Mum Holly, and their seven-year-old twins, Eddie and Eve, have sprung to life and decided to experience for themselves the wonder, excitement and joy of Christmas. Don’t forget there are Elves hiding around all our stores for you to find!


Nick the elf

Meet Nick

Big-hearted Elf Nick has had quite enough of watching everyone else enjoy Christmas from his vantage point in the ‘More For Everyone This Christmas’ Lidl poster; he has decided that the time has finally come for him to enjoy it for himself!

Bold as brass, he leaps out of his poster . . . and straight into the first Lidl brochure he can see! The Human Family who accidently bring him home can’t believe their eyes when they find a real-life Elf in their sitting room, and it makes them realise that the magic of Christmas is real . . . and, indeed, Elf-shaped! Delighted with his new home, Nick invites his entire family around – his wife Holly and their seven-year-old Trainee Elf twins, Eddie and Eve.

So much to do, so much to see, so many wonderful things to enjoy… Nick is making his list, and he’s determined to enjoy it twice now that he has finally made good his escape! His favourite thing in the whole world (besides the fabulous big gold button on his Elf suit) is Christmas with his family (can’t you tell?) and he dislikes January so much that he doesn’t even get out of bed until February 1st every year.

His favourite food: honey-glazed ham!

Nick's Picks
Holly the elf

Meet Holly

When it comes to planning for Christmas, just nobody is as sharp as 897-year-old red-cheeked Holly! Tucked tightly into the inside pocket of her pretty green elf dress is her precious twenty-four-page shopping list for all twelve days of Christmas!

After reading about all the delicious festive fare in the Lidl brochure Holly can’t wait to get her hands on all the goodies for the feast on the Big Day itself. . . and, indeed, all the treats for relaxing with afterwards!

Her favourite thing in the whole world is being one hundred per cent organised and she is looking forward most to the look on everyone’s faces when they see the Christmas spread that she’s been planning for months! What she dislikes most is the thought of forgetting something on her list – and, ooh, and if you’re a Christmas grinch or a Christmas humbug keep well out of her way as she’ll likely to use her magic on you – and not in a good way!

Her favourite food: As she’s from the bakery aisle, what else only deluxe mince pies!

Holly's Trolley
Holly the elf
Eddie the elf

Meet Eddie

Some Human Children are happy to sit back and enjoy Christmas without lifting a finger to help… but not seven-year-old Trainee Elf Eddie! This cheeky little guy, who wears a bright red suit and comes from the toy aisle, wants to be right in the middle of everything, from helping out with the cooking, the decorations, the wrapping… and, of course, he wants to be stuck in the middle of all the fun! With so much going on, Eddie can often get himself into a bit of a swirl – so Mum and Dad have to make sure he doesn’t get into some serious Christmas mischief with his partner-in-crime twin sister Eve!

His favourite thing in the whole world is helping his Mum and Dad and he really dislikes laziness. His biggest fear is sleeping through Christmas, so he’s secreting inventing an Elf-pinching device to wake him up on the big day!

His favourite food: crock… croquemb… crockie boosh… the big chocolate pyramid thing!

Eddie's Toys
Eve the elf

Meet Eve

Little Eve is not counting down the days, she’s counting down the minutes, seconds and milliseconds until she can finally experience the full festive fantastic-ness of it all this year – which is her and Eddie’s very first Christmas as Trainee Elves! Although she loves sampling all the sumptuous treats that come from the kitchen, Eve is often at her happiest when she can get stuck into jobs like decorating, or picking out the perfect playlist for a rocking Christmas party!

With her blonde hair, blue eyes and big smiles, she has her Mum and Dad wrapped around her little finger – when she does something naughty they often think it is Eddie who’s to blame! Her favourite thing in the whole world is trying one of everything in the kitchen when her Mum’s back is turned, and she really, really dislikes having to wait for Christmas! Her biggest fear is being on the Naughty List, but Santa hasn’t found out how mischievous she really has been . . . YET!

Her favourite food: the choccies inside the family Advent Calendar!

Eve's Sweets
Eve the elf
Snowy the husky

Say Hello To Snowy

Snowy the husky has joined the elf family on their adventure to  make sure there’s more for everyone this Christmas!

Look out for Snowy in our new Christmas ad who helps the elves double-triple-quadruple check everything in store to make sure you and your family have the Christmas you deserve.