Be The Host With The Most


Thinking of throwing a party? Want to know how to make it truly fantastic? Then read on, because Lidl has done this many, many times before and we’re packed with great ideas and goodies that can make any party a rip-roaring success. We’ve got everything you need: from great barbecue burgers and steaks to summer cocktails, summer punch, craft beers, mixers, soft drinks, wine and champagne to snacks and salads.


Let’s eat

From snacks, cocktail sausages and sandwiches to an alfresco dinner party and barbecues and, especially, ice creams and deserts, Lidl can help make your guests very, very happy. Pop into your local store and pick up everything you need and get some inspiration there or on our website here. Keep an eye on our leaflet too.



A BBQ is the heart of a summer party in the garden and Lidl is at the heart of more BBQs in Ireland than anyone else. Fresh beef, chicken, pork and fish, prawns, roasting vegetables, side salads, coleslaws and potato salads, marinades, sauces, buns and even charcoal – Lidl has you covered.


Something to drink

Thinking about summer drinks at home? Have a look in The Cellar at your local Lidl and you’ll find oceans of choice. We have some incredible red, white, rosé and sparkling wines and champagnes, selected and graded by our experts. If beer is more your thing, you’ll find the old favourites are all here, from Guinness to Carlsberg and back again, together with some very tasty craft beers and fruit ciders. Of course, we have your favourite soft drinks together with fresh juices too.



Oh what a wonderful idea! If the night calls for summer cocktails, we’ve got your corner there too, with all the spirits and mixers you could ever need. Our Bitterol Spritz is now back for the summer alongside the rest of our range. Try our recipe for a Strawberry Gin Cocktail or for a simply delicious Very Berry Gin Cocktail. If whiskey is more your thing, here’s how we suggest you make a really nice Whiskey Sour.


Be the host with the most this summer – put Lidl on your guest list and we’ll help to make your party an unforgettable day or night. Or both! Check out our weekly offers online, in store or in our leaflet for summer dinner party ideas too.

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