Staying At Home: Make More Of Summer


If you are staying at home this summer and you’re wondering what to do with your time, well, wonder no more, because we’ve got lots of ideas for things to do in the garden and in the home all summer long. Lidl will be with you all the way because we know that 2021 will be the best year to get all of those things on your list completed at last. That’s why we’re planning to bring in everything you need though the summer. Check out the weekly offers and deals and our new arrivals in your nearest Lidl store.


The Garden

Get out into the garden and, whether it’s simply re-potting plants, building a raised bed, or laying down a completely new lawn, this is the perfect time to do it. All summer long Lidl has summer plants and compost and every week we’ll add to that with plants and products for the garden, including tools and furniture, so keep an eye on this site and in our weekly leaflet.


The House

If you’ve been putting off a job in the house, now is the time to get it done at last. We’ll help, with decorating, painting and DIY tools and supplies plus our other specials such as lighting and goodies for home improvement and organising. Or maybe now is the time for that bigger job, like changing the bedrooms around or painting the whole outside.


Garden Furniture

Lidl has some great ways to turn your garden into an outdoor room, with furniture, BBQs, fire pits and sound and lighting. Just add a touch here, a light there or completely re-plan it and turn your garden into an oasis of tranquillity and relaxation, with all the fresh air you need.



What is it with barbecues and Ireland? We love them. Lidl has barbecues and the tools and utensils you need to make them great – better be quick though, these are while stocks last. Of course, we also have all the great food you need to make a fantastic meal on any summer evening. Check out our recipes and marinades, sauces, meat and sides – great ideas for a fabulous barbecue or party in the garden. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our garden furniture offers and new arrivals every week to really make an evening in the garden wonderful.


DIY, Painting and Decorating

Keep an eye out for our latest offers in DIY tools and accessories – we have new ideas and great products coming in regularly every week. From entire toolkits to ingenious home décor, we’ll help you make the summer of 2021 the summer of change in your home.


If you need more ideas for things to do at home this summer, just pop into one of our 209 Lidl Irish stores, visit us online or check out our weekly leaflet. We will have some great offers all summer long and we promise we can keep you busy right up to September.


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