Packing For Your Staycation

So you’re holidaying at home in Ireland this summer? While we may not be allowed to fly away just yet, you’ve got the perfect excuse to explore our beautiful Island home – from the beaches of Wexford to the cliffs of Mayo, from the wild mountain ranges of Kerry to the spectacular Causeway Coast of Antrim, from the cities of Galway and Waterford to Cork and Belfast – what an adventure you can have on your staycation!


A staycation in Ireland with family or friends can be the bees’ knees and we recommend you spend some time planning it out so that you bring everything you need. It all depends on where you’re going and who’s going with you. Here’s some tips.


You’re unlikely to be heading out on the town every night so don’t forget to pack things to help keep yourself entertained. Why not explore the middle aisle in your local Lidl, or in the Lidl that is close to wherever you are going? You’re sure to find some great ways to stay entertained this summer.


It’s nice to bring some of the indulgent comforts from home when you get away so think about nice candles, your favourite pyjamas, throws and rugs. How about your barbecue? Your local Lidl has everything you need to throw on it for a great night in the garden plus all the drinks and goodies that go with it. Bring a portable speaker too and how about a mini projector for movie night?


Some will not go anywhere without their favourite coffee machine or their smoothie maker. If you need to save on space, don’t pack your smoothie maker, or coffee beans. Lidl now stocks cold pressed juices in the chiller section and now stocks Slumberjack and Brady’s coffee as part of the Lidl everyday range – both are roasted in Ireland! If you can’t be without your coffee machine, Lidl stocks coffee capsules for it now too. Don’t forget your favourite condiments, sauces and spices. Of course, there will be a Lidl store nearby where you can pick up anything you need, whenever you need it.


You’ll need beach towels, swimsuits, armbands and whatever it takes for you to get in the water and dry yourself off when you get out again. If you forget anything don’t panic – Lidl is nearby and you can pop in and pick up sunscreen or a towel. You’ll also need good walking shoes, or waterproof hiking boots if you are more serious about it plus a drinking bottle and maybe a flask or two.


Hey, this is Ireland after all, so don’t forget to bring raincoats, boots, umbrellas, and a towel for the car. Sorry!


But remember Lidl is EVERYWHERE in Ireland so you can get everything in one of our 209 stores. Take a look at our Summer brochure for road trip essentials, sun care and other goodies.


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