Hero 2023

Go Full Lidl This Summer

With a long, hot summer ahead – we refuse to believe anything else – Lidl is looking forward to being at the heart of all that outdoor living and fun with the family. Having applied the sunscreen, fire up the BBQ, treat yourself to something cheeky and chilled, and prepare to feast on our range of summer treats.

Summer Brochure


Summer Inspiration

Browse the beefiest of burgers, the most finger-lickin’ of chicken, and some seriously good ribs, we’ve equally tasty seafood, vegetarian and vegan options. In addition, we also have our seasonal selection of wines,  craftiest of Irish and world beers, ciders, and spirits that are perfect for making long, cold drinks.


Build Your Own Burger

Why not try create the most delicious burger you can imagine. With lots of toppings to choose from - your dream burger is just a click away. Go On!!