Terms and conditions and data protection policy for Lidl Ireland Competition – Winter Winners 2022

  1. Terms and Conditions


  1. Eligibility to participate


The Winter Winners competition (the "Competition”) is promoted by Lidl Ireland GmbH (the ‘Promoter’) having its place of business at Lidl Head Office, Main Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24, Ireland. Participants must be over 18 years of age and be resident in the Republic of Ireland to be eligible to participate, direct employees of the Promoter, affiliated companies of the Promoter, partners, families, or anyone associated with this Competition are excluded.


Conditions for participation in the Competition are the installation of the Lidl Plus app on your smartphone, creation of a Lidl Plus account, as well as collection of Lidl Plus stamps & stamp cards as described in the following section 2.



The promotion will be carried out in the period from 10.11.22 to close of business on 28.12.22.


  1. Collecting stamps & stamp cards to enable participation in the Competition


To participate in the Winter Winners stamp card promotion, each Lidl Plus user will need to tap the ‘Start Collecting’ button presented in the home screen of the Lidl Plus app.

Each time during the promotion period customers make a purchase and scan the Lidl Plus app, a Winter Winners Stamp will automatically be generated in the Lidl Plus app provided that a minimum of €10 was spent in the transaction (not including excluded products). Excluded items are alcohol, newspapers, medicines, gift cards, infant formula, mobile top-up, and checkout bags. A purchase value of €10 will result in 1 (one) stamp, a purchase value of €20 will result in 2 (two) stamps and a purchase value of €30 will result in 3 (three) stamps. A maximum of 3 (three) stamps can be collected per transaction. Once 3 (three) stamps have been collected in the app, the stamp card is complete (‘Completed Stamp Card’), and the participant will need to submit their Completed Stamp Card via the Lidl Plus app. 1 (one) Completed Stamp Card equates to one entry in a weekly draw for the participants selected store in the Lidl Plus app.


  1. Selection and notification of the winners

A list of weekly winners (one winner, per store, per week) is selected from the eligible entries received. The weekly draw will take place every Thursday during the term of the Competition. The selected winners will be notified on the Lidl Plus App by way of a banner notification and required to complete a survey questionnaire which includes the requirement to correctly answer a question of skill to claim their prize. The survey questionnaire will be issued to the selected winners via the home screen of the Lidl Plus app, where it should be completed and submitted.  Participants in the selected weekly draw will have 6 (six) days to complete and submit the survey in order to redeem their prize. If not completed and submitted in the 6 (six) days, the survey will expire, and the participant will forfeit the prize.

If, due to the provision of inaccurate details, or the incorrect answer to the survey questionnaire, the prize will be forfeited. Repeat participation is possible through the submission of multiple Completed Stamp Cards. One Completed Stamp Card equates to one entry in the Competition. A participant can win multiple prizes during the term of the Competition where multiple Completed Stamp Cards are submitted. Completed Stamp Cards which have been selected as a potential prize winner are not eligible for future weekly draws.

If the participant selected in the weekly draw cannot be contacted and does not complete the required survey questionnaire, this will result in forfeiture of any and all claims to prizes. Lidl may substitute any prize for a prize of equal value in its discretion. Lidl Ireland may publish all confirmed winners on the Lidl Homepage.

Upon entering the Competition, participants’ customer ID and customer’s selected favourite store in the Lidl Plus app, if they win a prize, also personal data associated with their Customer ID e.g. first name/surname, telephone number, and e-mail address will be transmitted from Lidl Plus (operated by Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG) to the Promoter

  1. Full list of prizes

Main prizes:

There will be one weekly winner per store of the following prize:

€200 worth of Lidl Plus coupons in the form of 4 x €50 coupons to spend at a Lidl store through the Lidl Plus app.

Each coupon entitles you to money off your shop during the dates stated in the coupon description, provided that the total value of the transaction is equal to or greater than €50.00. Each coupon can be used in conjunction with Lidl Plus product coupons, however only one €50 Lidl Plus coupon can be used in a single transaction. This coupon cannot be redeemed for the following items: alcohol, lottery tickets, newspapers, medicines, gift cards, infant milk formula, mobile top-up, or check-out bags. The previously mentioned items are also excluded from the minimum spend threshold. Each €50 coupon can only be redeemed once, has no cash value, is non-exchangeable and no change will be given.

All winning coupons must be redeemed in full by 30th June 2023.

  1. Miscellaneous

Prizes are not transferable to third parties. Any breach of these Terms and Conditions may invalidate an entry and/or result in forfeiture of the prize. The Promoter reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the Competition and/or vary Competition rules, including these Terms and Conditions, without prior notice. The Promoter and its associated companies accept no responsibility for any damage, loss, injury (other than for death or personal injury arising from negligence), malfunction or disappointment of any kind, however so arising. The participant has no right to compensation and acknowledges the decision on the prize winner by the Promoter is final. No correspondence will be entered into regarding either the selection process or the outcome of the Competition These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by Irish law and the courts of Ireland shall have exclusive jurisdiction over interpretation of same.

  1. Data protection policy


  1. Details of the data controller

Lidl Ireland GmbH is the controller for the processing of personal data of the participants and winners. For any questions relating to Lidl’s processing of personal data in relation to the Competition, participants may contact:

Lidl Ireland GmbH

Main Road


Dublin 24


  1. Categories and origin of the data

In order to operate the Competition, the following personal data will be transferred to Lidl Ireland GmbH by Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG, Stiftsbergstraße 1, 74167 Neckarsulm, Germany:

  • customer ID and customer’s selected favourite store in the Lidl Plus app of all participants in the Competition who registered at Lidl Plus and collected the necessary stamps / stamp cards.
  • in addition, personal data associated with their Customer ID e.g. first name and surname as well as telephone number and e-mail address of the winners.

Furthermore, the Promoter may collect any other personal data required for the purpose of carrying out the Competition.

After selection of the winners, the customer ID will be transferred to Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG in order to notify the winners to complete the survey in the Lidl Plus app. The basis of this transfer is in order to operate the Competition. Furthermore, the Promoter may collect any other personal data required for the purpose of carrying out the Competition.

  1. Purposes and legal bases of processing

Lidl Ireland will use the personal data collected in the context of the participation in the Competition only to operate the Competition (e.g., drawing winners, notifying winners, sending the prize). The legal basis for the processing in the context of the Competition is generally participants’ consent—which consent underlies the operation of user accounts under the Lidl Plus App.

Photographs or videos of the winner may be taken during the prize giving; these may be published together with the name and hometown of the winner in promotional media of the organizer (e.g., press release, lidl.ie, employee magazine, social media). This data is processed on the basis of contract in consideration of the prize.

  1. Recipients/ categories of recipient:

Data is only transferred to third parties where this is necessary for the implementation of the Competition (e.g., sending the prize via a logistics company) or in order to publish the winners (e.g., on Facebook). Apart from that, data will not be transferred to third parties.

  1. Storage time/ criteria for determining storage time:

At the end of the Competition and announcement of the winners, the personal data of participants will be deleted. Personal data belonging to winners will be retained for a minimum of 6 years and the image of winners may be used in Lidl’s marketing activities.

  1. Data Protection Rights

Participants have the right to access their personal data, to withdraw their consent (if applicable), and in certain circumstances, the right to erasure. Participants may also object to Lidl’s processing of their data if such processing is based on Lidl’s legitimate interest.