Kick Start Supplier Development At Lidl

In 2017, we developed Kick Start, a supplier development programme in conjunction with Bord Bia to give Irish food & drink suppliers the chance to showcase their products and grow their business through Lidl stores across the country. Last year we had €1m worth of Irish produce, with over 80 products from over 60 suppliers on our shelves and this year we have invested even more to bring you an even bigger range of tasty local products!

It's all about finding delicious, exciting new products to add to our range and for you to bring to your table. It's all about the product, we choose only the best suppliers, because quality is everything. Find below some of our success stories from the past two years of Kickstart at Lidl.

12 Acres Brewery

Clonmore, Killeshin, Co. Laois

Established in 2014, 12 Acres Brewing Company are an multi award winning Artisan Farm Microbrewery based on a family farm in South Laois. 12 Acres were the first Irish microbrewery to provide genuine traceability for the malting barley used the brew their beer. 

Their beers are brewed from their own malted barley grown their own farm and pure spring water from deep beneath the same land the barley is grown on, bringing you real Irish craft beer with unique provenance and genuine traceability from their ground to your glass.

Their new 440ml can range includes ‘Make Hay’ a 3.8% abv Session IPA and ‘Pallet Jack’ a 5.1% abv Hoppy India Pale Lager, these beers are the latest addition to their range and are fresh flavourful beers which will please all craft beer fans.

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Kinsale Bay Food Co.

Littleisland Co. Cork

Founded in Kinsale on the old fishing site in the middle of the town ,that was a hub of activity in the 1700 hundreds, Kinsale at that time was a major fishing town ,with hundreds of fishing vessels fishing off the Kinsale coast catching mainly mackerel, which were sold  to many outlets throughout  Europe, Kinsale  was one of the major  European suppliers of fish.

The local fishermen used a vessel known as the Kinsale Hooker that had a special design which  allowed it operate better in those waters than  other vessels ,those boats were made  locally by local  tradesmen.

Kinsale Bay Food Co. was founded on this historic site ,with one of the original walls still standing back in 2008, and to this day still uses the original recipes that it was founded under, simple, clean, Gluten-free, nourishing, wholesome food with a quality taste .

We started supplying the local farmers markets in Kinsale and west Cork and are delighted to supply Lidl in  their support for Irish family producers  through their Kick start programme .

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Supplier Nurturing & Development

Kickstart Inline Image Supplier Seminar


All selected suppliers will be invited to attend two free, comprehensive seminars covering quality control,

packaging, marketing & PR building as well as other important aspects of business development.



Kick Start proudly supported by Bord Bia