By entering into this competition, entrants automatically accept its Terms and Conditions.

1. This nominations campaign (Campaign) is promoted by Lidl Ireland GmbH, (Company No. 904141) (“the Promoter”) whose registered office is located at Main Road, Tallaght, Dublin 524, Republic of Ireland.

2. The nominations campaign will run from Monday, the 26th of September 2022 until 11:59pm Sunday, the 23rd of October 2022. 

3. The prize for the chosen secondary schools is a Youth Sport Trust run athlete mentor programme led by a current or former inter-county player and Lidl sponsored new jerseys for the school team. There is one prize per county in the Republic of Ireland. Lidl reserves the right to vary the quantity and type of prize provided.


4. This campaign is open to all secondary schools in the Republic of Ireland

5. The nomination process can be completed by all residents of Republic of Ireland.

6. Members of the Public (Nominators) may nominate the school (Nominee) which they wish to benefit from the prize fund by filling in an online nomination form available on the LGFA page on the Lidl website ( There is no limit on the number of entries that a single Nominator can enter. 

7. For the nomination forms to be valid and counted, all mandatory fields must be filled in correctly including a valid 10 digit unique code found on a Lidl receipt. Each unique code is only valid for one single entry.

8. Any nomination forms which are incomplete, without all the required information, illegible, incomprehensible, made or received after the deadline for receiving entries has passed or which are not received by Lidl or are not otherwise in accordance with the terms and conditions are invalid and will not be included.

9. All valid nominations will be counted and used for determining which school will benefit from the athlete mentor programme.

10. The successful Nominees will be selected by a judging panel (the Panel) which will be comprised of employees from Lidl Ireland and an independent third party from the LGFA.

11. A shortlist for each county will be decided based on the number of nominations each school receives with the final decision on the winning schools in each county made at the entire discretion of the Panel.

12. The Panel’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding either the selection process or the outcome of the campaign.

13. By nominating a Nominee, the Nominator agrees to the processing of any personal data provided by the Nominator in relation to themselves on the nomination form for the purpose of obtaining further information relating to the nomination as may be required by Lidl. By participating in the Campaign, the Nominator agrees to their personal data being stored and processed by Lidl and any associated companies for the purpose of the Campaign.

14. By accepting the prize, and in consideration of same, the winning school agrees to participate in any promotional material that Lidl may require surrounding the awarding of the prize or this competition and will ensure that its student’s data may be processed by Lidl for that purpose. In this regard, the winning Nominees agree to obtain written consent from Parents and/or Legal Guardians in respect of any of their students who do not have the capacity to give a valid consent (i.e. students under the age of 16) that are to appear or feature in any promotional material as mentioned above.

15. Lidl will not request any personal data from the Nominator, however any personal data communicated to Lidl in any respect will only be processed for the purposes outlined in these terms and conditions. Such personal information will not be used for any other purposes than those specified. Data subjects may apply for access, rectification, erasure, restriction of process, or portability. Any questions in relation to how Lidl uses personal data may be addressed to If Lidl is unable to address such questions, data subjects also have the right to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office.

16. Lidl will ensure that all information is kept safe and secure until the conclusion of this competition or until such time as the final prize fund has been delivered. Any personal data will be deleted thereafter. All information submitted will be held within Republic of Ireland or the EU and may only be processed by a third party strictly as Lidl permits.

To learn more about this or how Lidl’s website uses personal information, you can read our Privacy Policy 

17. Lidl reserves the right to refuse to use the prize fund to benefit a Nominee / Nominator who breaches any of these terms and conditions or who brings or tends to bring the name of Lidl, its agents, associates or other affiliated organisations into disrepute.

18. Lidl and its associated companies will not be held liable where any additional charges and/or expenses are incurred, and no refund or reimbursement will be made to the Nominators or the Nominee(s).

19. Lidl and its associated companies do not accept responsibility for any fault, malfunction, damage, loss or disappointment suffered by the Nominee or the Nominator arising from participating in the Campaign or from accepting the athlete mentor programme, their chosen  sports equipment, or any other item as part of this Campaign  whether due to any error, omission or other cause by Lidl or their employees, agents or otherwise.

20. Lidl reserves the right to amend any aspect of the Campaign and these terms and conditions at any time without prior notification to Nominators or Nominees.