Great Taste Winners 2022

With 55 wins across the range, we're proud to be Ireland's Most Awarded Discount Supermarket at the Great Taste Awards 2022.

2 Stars

Deluxe Hand Tied Irish Pork Sausages Premium Sausages made to a Traditional Recipe

Fallons Gold 80's Teabags

The Crafty Brewing Company Irish Craft American St.Pale Wheat Ale 5%

Deluxe Duck Breasts with Garlic & Pepper

Fresh Whole Irish Duckling

Deluxe  Irish 30 D Matured Chateaubriand

Deluxe  Irish Angus Chateaubriand 32D Matured with Red Wine & Thyme Jus

Deluxe  Irish Angus 3 Rib Roast on the Bone 40D Matured in Giftbox

Irish Fillet Steaks Matured 30 days

1 Star

Irish Rhubarb yogurt

 Irish Strawberry yogurt

 Buffalo Mozzarella

 Deluxe Italian Spicy Salami Sourdough Pizza, 525g

 Deluxe Marmalade with Irish Whiskey & Clove

 Deluxe Light Tonic Water 0g

 Deluxe Stuffed Irish Bronze Turkey Crown 2.4kg-2.8kg

 Deluxe Oysters

 Deluxe Wild Atlantic Prawns with Shell on

 Deluxe Irish White Pudding Traditional Style

 Sticky Toffee Pudding

 Cooloney Camembert

 Cashel Blue

 Deluxe Chickpea & Coconut Soup

 Deluxe Beef Ragu

 Deluxe Sri Lankan Chicken Soup

 Connell Farm 6 Organic Eggs

 Deluxe Irish Rapeseed Oil

 Wild Burrow Raspberry & Thyme Craft Irish Gin 40%

 Dundalgan Single Malt Irish Whiskey IPA Edition 42%

 Dundalgan Single Malt Irish Whiskey Sherry Edition 42%

 Dundalgan Single Malt Irish Whiskey Stout 42%

 The Crafty Brewing Company American Style Brown Ale 5%

 The Crafty Brewing Company  Irish Craft Saison 4.8%

 The Crafty Brewing Company  Irish Craft Stout 4.5%

 The Crafty Brewing Company Irish Red Ale 4.1%

 Deluxe hand cooked Ridge Cut Crisps-  Sea Salt Ridge Cut Potato Crisps

  Way to Go Chocolate Dark Chocolate

  Deluxe   Toffee & Caramel Split Cake

 Deluxe Duck Breasts

 2 Irish Angus Fillet Steaks aged 32 Days Matured

 2 Dry Aged Angus Rib Steak Burgers

 Irish Angus Roasting Joint with Salt & Pepper

 Deluxe  Striploin Roast with Pepper Butter & Rosemary

 Deluxe  Irish Angus Chateaubriand 32D Matured with Flavoured Butters

 Irish Sirloin Steaks Matured 30 days

 Irish Ribeye Steaks Matured 30 days

 Irish Dry Aged Tomahawk Steak 21 Days Matured

Deluxe Dry Cure Applewood Smoked Irish Streaky Bacon Rashers

Deluxe Dry Cured Beechwood Smoked Irish Bacon Medallions

Glensallagh Unsmoked Irish Honey Cured Medallions 200g

Glensallagh Thick Cut Applewood Smoked Irish Rashers 250g

Deluxe Parmigiano Raggiano DOP

 Deluxe Luxury 24 Month Matured Christmas Pudding with Courvoisier VS Cognac

Deluxe Madagascan Custard Cream

Strawberry Extra Jam Conserve