Meet Strawberry

Like wow, can I just say what an absolute honour it is to have you reading my blog! I’m Strawberry, amateur fitness expert, nutritionist, make-up artist, fashionista, photographer (landscape), and future media mogul.


I’m so proud to come from Wexford. Strong roots and a deep connection to where you’re from are really important to me.  So is staying grounded; that’s why I can usually be found hanging with my Strawberry Crew.


This year I’m trying to avoid negative thinking (it can be so bad for staying fresh) but there’s something I need to get off my chest.


I totally understand thinking you’re like great and all, but Beef seriously needs to rein it in. We get it! You’re fresh, award-winning and 100% Irish. But is that, like, all?


Listen Beef, take a lesson from influencer extraordinaire (and my own personal hero) Lemon – it’s all about diversifying. You’ve got to have your fingers in lots of pies. Just look at all the things Lemon appears in. What an inspiration!


OK I better run!



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