Lorraine Cusack and Johnny Byrne are the proud parents of Nathan, Cooper, Erin and Eve – the miracle quadruplets that arrived into their lives in December 2020. As if the pandemic hadn’t thrown enough at people last year, imagine preparing for the arrival of 4 babies just before Christmas!


To help the quadruplets stay dry and comfortable, they were provided with a year’s supply of our award winning Lupilu nappies and we recently checked in with Lorraine to see how they’re getting on…


1. Lorraine, it’s brilliant to see your 4 beautiful babies doing so well as they edge towards 6 months old – how are you all doing?

We're doing great. The babies are in a good routine now so we're starting to get our heads back above water. Thankfully they're good sleepers so we all manage to get a bit of rest at night. They're a great age at the moment, all smiles and laughing which helps keep morale up during endless feeds and nappy changes!


2. What was it like finding out you were pregnant with quadruplets?

It was crazy! There are no twins in my family so it was completely unexpected. I went in for an early scan thinking I had one baby. I couldn't believe it when they told me there were 4 heartbeats. Because of Covid restrictions, I was on my own at the scan so I had to break the news to my husband once I got home and he nearly died! It's just something you never think would happen to you.


3. Every day probably throws up something different but what does a typical day look like with 4 babies to care for?

It's all go from the minute we get up in the morning at about 7am. Feeds start at 8am and take place every 4 hours with each feed taking about 1 and a half hours. In between feeds, I wash and sterilize their bottles and get in some playtime. If the weather is nice, we'll head out for a walk in the afternoon with our 2 double buggies. The last feed is at 9pm and thankfully they usually fall asleep for the night after that. My Mam comes to help out with 2 feeds a day and we've had great support from my auntie and cousins dropping up dinners and keeping us fed for the first few months so family support has been crucial!


4. Nappy changes are a big part of your day – how difficult is it to keep all 4 babies fresh?

We schedule nappy changes around the feeds so each baby is changed just before getting their bottle – that way we know nobody has been forgotten. But as you can imagine, the babies don’t always stick to the schedule so we need to change them in-between feeds too.


5. With that in mind, how have you found the performance of the Lupilu nappies?

We have been really impressed with the quality of the Lupilu nappies. With 4 babies and over 20 nappy changes a day to consider, we need nappies that are reliable and comfortable on their skin. We don't have time to be dealing with leaks and having to change clothes multiple times throughout the day and the Lupilu nappies tick all the boxes in that regard. We have enough to be dealing it as it is so it’s great to have one less thing to worry about.