Newborn Tips & Tricks


Watch our baby hints and tricks video to find out some useful hacks from Mums in the know. From the age-hold baby household staples of vaseline and sudocrem to soothe rashes and irritation to modern day relaxtion techniques using spotify and white-noise to sooth your little ones to sleep.

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Bathing & Changing

In our short videos below, Avril Flynn, Midwife and Mum of One shares her top tips to change & bath your baby in the safest & cleanest way. 


Pre-Hygeine - Always was your hands before.

Prepare - Have all your essentials within arms reach.

Safety - Babies can roll.

Interact - Talk to your baby constantly.

Practice - Perfect the baby hold, one hand on both legs.

Clean - Clean thoroughly and effectively.

Post-Hygeine - Always wash your hands after.



Baby Bath Time Video


Temperature - Use your elbow to quickly check and create the right temperature.

Secure - Practice the secure hold of your baby, keeping one hand free.

Hold - Never leave a baby or child unattended in water.

Clean - Using Lupilu baby wash and cotton pags to gently clean your baby starting with the heads.

Nappy Area - Lastly finish cleaning the nappy area thoroughly.

Towel - Bring your baby to clean and dry towel area.