UEFA EURO 2024 Competition Terms and Conditions

1. The Competition

1.1 The UEFA EURO 2024 competition (the "Competition”) is promoted by Lidl Ireland

GmbH (the ‘Promoter’) having its place of business at Lidl Head Office, Main Road,

Tallaght, Dublin 24, Ireland.

1.2 The promotion period will commence at the opening of participating Lidl stores located

in the Republic of Ireland on 16.05.2024 and finish at their closing on 22.05.2024 (the

‘Promotion Period’).

2. Eligibility to participate

2.1 Participants must be over 18 years of age and be resident in the Republic of Ireland to

be eligible to participate. Direct employees of the Promoter, affiliated companies of the

Promoter, partners, families, or anyone associated with this Competition are excluded.

2.2 The Participant must have a valid and current passport at the date of entry into the


2.3 By participating in the Competition, participants are deemed to have accepted the Lidl

Plus terms of use, these Terms and Conditions and confirmed that they meet the

eligibility criteria set out in these terms and conditions. Participants are not permitted to

participate on behalf of other persons and third parties.

3. Participation in the Competition

3.1 To participate in the Competition, each participant will need to during the Promotion


3.1.1 Step 1. Install the Lidl Plus App on their smartphone or device and create a

Lidl Plus account (this step shall not be required for participants who are already

Lidl Plus users); and

3.1.2 Step 2. Make a minimum purchase of €35.00 (Minimum Transaction Spend) at

an Irish Lidl store and scan their Lidl Plus Card using the Lidl Plus App at any

till in any Lidl Store (excluding stores with warehouse sales) within the Republic

of Ireland. One stamp will be automatically generated in the Lidl Plus App. One

stamp will be generated per €35.00 (less excluded items) spent per transaction;


3.1.3 Step 3. Submit a completed Stamp Card. Once 1 (one) stamp has been

collected in the Lidl Plus App, the Stamp Card is complete (‘Completed Stamp

Card’), and the participant will need to submit their Completed Stamp Card via

the Lidl Plus App. 1 (one) Completed Stamp Card equates to 1 (one) entry in

the Competition. Each Lidl Plus User can enter the Competition a maximum of

5 (Five) times. Completed Stamp Cards submitted after this maximum number

of entries has been exceeded, will not be entered in the Competition and the

promoter shall bear no responsibility to notify participants of incomplete or out

of time entries.

3.2 The completion of Step 1 is a prerequisite to the completion of Step 2 and Step 3. All

Steps must be completed in order to enter the Competition.

3.3 Multiple stamps cards of €35.00 are permitted to be awarded within a single

transaction, provided the receipt for the transaction (less excluded items) contains

multiples of the sum €35.00 (EG €70.00 transaction less excluded items, the customer

will receive 2 completed stamp cards, €105.00 transaction less excluded items, the

customer will receive 3 completed stamp cards)

4. Selection and notification of the winner

4.1 Upon entering the Competition, participants’ customer ID and customer’s selected

favourite store in the Lidl Plus app will be transmitted from Lidl Plus (operated by Lidl

Stiftung & Co. KG) to the Promoter. Where the participant wins the prize, in addition,

the personal data associated with their Customer ID e.g. first name/surname, telephone

number, and e-mail address will be transmitted from Lidl Plus (operated by Lidl Stiftung

& Co. KG) to the Promoter.

4.2 Participants are responsible for ensuring their Lidl Plus account information is up to

date, otherwise Lidl may not be in a position to contact the winning entry. Participants

are recommended to ensure that they enable their email and push notifications within

the Lidl Plus app so that they can be notified that they may have won a prize.

4.3 There will be 1 winner of the prize listed at clause 5. The winner will be selected at

random at the end of the Promotion Period from the eligible entries received.

4.4 The prize draw will take place on 24.05.2024. Up to three working days after the prize

draw, the selected winner will be contacted by our Sponsorship Team by phone on the

mobile number provided on the winner’s Lidl Plus App. The winner will be asked to

correctly complete a test of skill to claim the prize.

4.5 Two attempts will be made to contact the winner over a two-day period. If the winner

cannot be contacted, this will result in forfeiture of any and all claim to the prize. The

Promoter reserves the right to offer the prize to a substitute winner.

4.6 The winner may be asked to confirm their details to the Sponsorship Team in order to

ensure the prize can be issued correctly.

4.7 The Winner must have a current and valid passport at the date of entry into the

Competition and this must remain valid and current until such time as the prize has

been redeemed in full. The aforementioned shall also apply to any person whom the

participant has selected to benefit from the prize.

4.8 The winner agrees that in consideration of the prize and their acceptance of same, the

winner may be required for promotional activity and the winner agrees to partake in

same. Promoter may use their name, hometown, image and likeness (likeness as it

has been captured or in an altered manner, by employees, agents or subcontractors of

the Promoter or anyone working on behalf of the Promoter and/or by local/other media)

for purposes of internal/external advertising, promotion or publicity in any media without

additional compensation and the winner agrees to take part in such related promotional

activities as the Promoter may require. In such circumstances, the prize winner’s

personal data will be processed on a contractual basis and in the Promoter’s legitimate

interests. Lidl Ireland GmbH may publish all confirmed winners on the Lidl website.

4.9 The Promoter reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend a competition

and/or vary competition rules, including these terms and conditions, without prior


5. Prize

5.1 There will be individual winners of the following prize:

5.1.1 X1 pair of tickets to a Euro 2024 semi final

5.2 The next steps for redemption of the prize will be detailed to winners by the

Sponsorship Team.

5.3 The prize shall consist of the following:

 Outward and return journey from an already selected airport/railway station in the

country of residence of the winner to Germany to the assigned match location on the

communicated date.

 Two nights' accommodation within the period of the allocated match in a double room

in a 3 or 4-star hotel near the match venue.

 Catering at set times as part of the trip on site in Germany (dinner on the day of arrival,

breakfast at the hotel, meals throughout the day in the form of snacks, dinner).

Additional meals are not included (e.g., room / service / additional catering at the


 Transfer to the stadium and back to the hotel.

 A Pair of Category 2 tickets for the winner for the designated match.


6. Miscellaneous

6.1 Only the Lidl Plus Card of the person completing the Minimum Transaction Spend can

be scanned. Lidl Plus Cards cannot be scanned retrospectively.

6.2 All prizes are non-transferable, non-refundable and no cash or other prize alternatives

will be offered.

6.3 The prize consists of the details listed in clause 5.3 only. The promoter shall not be

liable to the participant for any additional costs incurred through their redemption or

utilization of the prize. The costs of any visa or other travel requirements shall also be

borne by the participant.

6.4 Any breach of these Terms and Conditions may invalidate an entry and/or result in

forfeiture of the prize.

6.5 The Promoter reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the

Competition and/or vary Competition rules, including these Terms and Conditions,

without prior notice.

6.6 The Promoter and its associated companies accept no responsibility for any damage,

loss, injury (other than for death or personal injury arising from negligence), malfunction

or disappointment of any kind, however so arising from participation in the Competition

or acceptance of the prize, whether due to error, omission by the Promoter its

employees or agents, or for any other reason, and participants agree to indemnify the

Promoter in this regard through their engagement with the Competition.

6.7 The participant has no right to compensation and acknowledges the decision on the

prize winner by the Promoter is final.

6.8 No correspondence will be entered into regarding either the selection process or the

outcome of the Competition.

6.9 In the event that the stamp card feature is not available or not functioning correctly on

the Lidl Plus App, no transactions or stamps can be retrospectively applied by the

Promoter and the Promoter will bear no responsibility for technical issues.

6.10 In the event of any dispute regarding these terms and conditions and conduct of the

Competition, the decision of the Promoter will be final with no appeal therefrom.

6.11 At the date of entry of the Competition and until the prize has been redeemed in full,

there must be no circumstances in existence which would prevent or render the

Participant ineligible from legally travelling to Germany from their country of residence.

6.12 The Promoter reserves the right to refuse to award the prize to a winner or to disqualify

any participant where, in its sole view, there is a breach of these Terms and Conditions

or where it deems it necessary to do so at its sole discretion.

6.13 These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by Irish law and the courts of Ireland

shall have exclusive jurisdiction over interpretation of same.

7. Data Protection

7.1 By participating in the Competition, participants agree to the processing and storage of

any personal data provided by them to Lidl Stiftung & Co KG and to the transferring of

such data to the Promoter as a processor of such data for the purpose of administering

the Competition as well as promotional activities around the Competition including, but

not limited to posts on social media sites by the Promoter.

7.2 The Promoter will ensure that all personal data will be processed in compliance with

data protection law. Participants’ data will not be transferred out of the EU and such

entry data, will be destroyed immediately after conclusion of the Competition.

7.3 Lidl Ireland GmbH is the controller for the processing of personal data of the

participants and winners. For any questions relating to Lidl’s processing of personal

data in relation to the Competition, participants may contact:

Lidl Ireland GmbH

Main Road


Dublin 24


For any queries around the processing of personal data in relation to the Lidl Plus App,

participants should refer to the Terms and Conditions Lidl Plus and Data Protection Policy

Lidl Plus. In addition, participants may contact:

Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG

Stiftsbergstraße 1

74167 Neckarsulm



7.4 In order to operate the Competition, the following personal data will be transferred to

the Promoter by Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG, Stiftsbergstraße 1, 74167 Neckarsulm,


7.4.1 Lidl Plus Card Customer ID Number of all participants in the Competition who

have completed the required steps and are eligible to be in the prize draw.

7.4.2 in addition, first name and surname as well as telephone number and e-mail

address of the winner.

7.5 Furthermore, the Promoter may collect any other personal data required for the

purpose of carrying out the Competition.

7.6 The Promoter will use the personal data collected in the context of the participation in

the Competition only to operate the Competition (e.g., drawing winners, notifying

winners, sending the prize). The legal basis for the processing in the context of the

Competition is generally participants’ consent—which consent underlies the operation

of user accounts under the Lidl Plus App.

7.7 Photographs, videos and data as set out in clause 4.7, of the winner may be taken

during the prize giving; these may be published together with the name and hometown

of the winner in promotional media of the organizer (e.g., press release, lidl.ie,

employee magazine, social media). This data is processed on the basis of contract in

consideration of the prize.

7.8 Data is only transferred to third parties where this is necessary for the implementation

of the Competition (e.g.,the arranging of travel, booking a hotel etc.) or in order to

publish the winner (e.g., on Facebook or other social media channels).

7.9 At the end of the Competition and announcement of the winner, the personal data of

participants will be deleted. Personal data belonging to winners will be retained for a

minimum of 6 years and the image of winners may be used in Lidl’s marketing activities.

7.10 Participants have the right to access their personal data, to withdraw their consent (if

applicable), and in certain circumstances, the right to erasure. Participants may also

object to Lidl’s processing of their data if such processing is based on Lidl’s legitimate

interest. Data protection questions or concerns can be addressed to

data.controller@lidl.ie. Participants may also contact the Data Protection Commission

for Ireland.