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Milestones And Emotions...

Like any parent, your child starting school is a mixture of emotions at this milestone in their lives. 

Oscar, our eldest, is a February birthday so we decided to send him to school when he will be 5 years 7 months rather than the previous year when he would have been 4 years 7 months. This has been our biggest parental decision so far and one we hope will prove to be right in the coming months. 

However, as parents you still have a degree of worry and conversations between my wife, Charlotte and I still continue as to how Oscar will settle. Will he enjoy it? Will he make friends easily? Will he know anyone on his first day? More than anything, we just want Oscar to be happy and to thrive in this new environment. 

Over the last number of months, we started talking to him about “big school”, what he will be doing and learning. We’re lucky as we live close to the school and have taken him to see it and walk around the playground to give a bit of familiarity so it won’t be a big shock on his first day of his educational journey.