Lidl Plus Scratch & Win - Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Participation in Scratch & Win


1. Purpose of the feature


Lidl Plus contains a feature called Scratch & Win, which is only accessible to registered Lidl Plus members. In order to use Scratch & Win, you must:

  • Be a registered Lidl Plus user. You can download the Lidl Plus app from the "App Store" or "Google Play Store".
  • Set your Lidl Plus country to Ireland.
  • Be of a minimum of 18 years of age.
  • Complete a transaction at any Lidl store in the Republic of Ireland. Scratch & Win is not available in Northern Ireland.
  • Some products are excluded from qualifying for a Scratch & Win such as alcohol, lottery tickets, newspapers, medicines, gift cards, infant milk formula, mobile top-up and checkout bags.


2. Participation


By using Scratch & Win, you agree to Lidl’s terms and conditions for Scratch & Win.

  • To participate, you must identify yourself as a Lidl Plus customer at the checkout during the payment process by scanning your Lidl Plus card.
  • After each purchase, you will automatically receive a Scratch & Win via the Lidl Plus app. Please note that you will only receive one Scratch & Win in a 10 hour period i.e. if you complete two transactions within 10 hours you will only receive one Scratch & Win.
  • Scratch & Win cards have a specific validity period which is displayed on the gift coupon and if unused after this date, they will disappear from your Lidl Plus app.
  • Once you open the scratch card, a digital scratch field appears with important information in relation to Scratch & Win.
  • The scratch field reveals the gift coupon which should then be saved. You can then find this in the “Lidl Treats” section of the Lidl Plus app.
  • When a scratch card has expired, it automatically disappears from the view and will not be redeemable.


3. Coupons


Lidl Plus app users can enjoy Scratch & Win with the fun of knowing you will win a gift coupon every single time! There is no element of lottery or luck, we believe in rewarding everyone, every time!


Scratch & Win gift coupons range from money off coupons, free products and percentage discounts.


These discounts are displayed to the user as a coupon in the “Lidl Treats” section of the Lidl Plus app and are subject to the following redemption criteria:

  • Redeemable only in Lidl stores located in the Republic of Ireland. Excludes Northern Ireland.
  • The coupon can only be redeemed on the next purchase (not on the purchase which triggers Scratch & Win).
  • The coupon must be activated and redeemed during the specified validity period. See individual coupons for terms and conditions.
  • The coupon is not transferable to others and cannot be exchanged for a cash payment. 
  • If the coupon value is higher than the purchase amount, the difference is forfeited by the user and is non-refundable. The balance will not be given in cash.


4. Notification


If a Scratch & Win is issued to you, it will appear on the home screen.


The Scratch & Win gift coupon is revealed immediately after you’ve scratched the card fully. Gift coupon details will be in the “Lidl Treats” section of the app after the user clicks “Save” once the Scratch & Win is scratched.


Lidl reserves the right to amend or modify these terms and conditions or any aspect of Scratch & Win without prior notice and in its own discretion.


5. Liability


Each participant in the feature understands and accepts that Lidl is not liable for, and cannot be held liable for, errors, losses and irregularities that may arise when the information is sent, if these are caused by disruption or by any other error or omission arising from problems in telecommunications, data traffic, congestion or internet connection, or for any other reason that is not attributable to Lidl.


Lidl shall not be responsible for any loss, injury, damage or disappointment suffered to participants as a result of their participation in Scratch & Win and liability is excluded to the maximum extent permissible by law. Participants accept that Lidl is not obligated to provide them any rewards and any benefit to Scratch and Win is purely discretionary on Lidl’s part.


6. Exclusion


Participation in the competition by groups of individuals, automatic services or professional services is not permitted. 


Lidl reserves the right to deem any participant ineligible to redeem a coupon awarded in Scratch & Win if in its sole view it believes that these terms and conditions or the spirit of the giveaway have been contravened.


Some products are excluded from qualifying for a Scratch & Win. These products include alcohol,  shopping bags, mobile phone top-up, vouchers/gift cards, baby formula, lottery tickets, magazines and newspapers.


7. Early termination


Lidl reserves the right to cancel the Scratch & Win feature and its gift coupons without notice at any time.


8. Taxes


Lidl is not responsible for any tax or other liability which may arise to participants in relation to their participation in Scratch & Win offers.