Lidl Plus Winter Winners

Could you be our next Winter Winner? The more you spend the more you can win! A weekly winner in every store!

How to participate: For every €30 you spend using the Lidl App you will be entered into a draw to win vouchers worth €200! In your Lidl App you will have a stamp card with three spaces, each €10 gets you one stamp, whether it was spent all at once or in as many transactions as you like! There is absolutely no limit on how many completed stamp cards you can submit. The more you spend, the more you can win!

When: Every Thursday until the end of the year we will draw a winner randomly from the list of entries. Each store can have a winner, each week. You’ll get told when you’re the lucky winner the next day, and if you accept, you will receive €200 worth of vouchers in the Lidl App.

Remember: That’s €200 worth of vouchers per store, per week. Don’t miss out on a chance to win big when you shop at Lidl!

Terms and Conditions apply, for more information see here

How to enter:

  1. Spend €10 in store and scan your Lidl Plus card at the till to receive a stamp​
  2. Collect 3 stamps to fill your Lidl Plus stamp card ​
  3. Submit your stamp card on the Lidl Plus app​
  4. Selected winners will be contacted every week​

It’s easy, all you have to do is scan your Lidl Plus card on the app at the till every time you shop. You will receive one stamp for every €10 you spend in store. Once you have completed 3 stamps you will be entered into the draw to win vouchers worth €200

There will be one winner in every store, per week for vouchers worth €200


Toggle On & Save Paper With Lidl Plus

Key Visual
New feature alert. The power to protect the environment is in your hands, and it’s as easy as flicking a switch. Turn on the in app toggle to stop the till from printing a physical receipt

The toggle will appear on your Lidl Plus card. If you do not see it, please update your app.

The toggle must be switched on before scanning your Lidl Plus card at the till.

That's fine as Digital receipts can be used for all the same reasons as a paper one.

In order to get a digital receipt you need to scan your Lidl Plus card as part of your transaction. It may take up to 30 minutes for a digital receipt to update In your app.

Even More Incredible Savings

Download the Lidl Plus app now and get even more incredible savings every time you shop at Lidl! It's simple, just activate your coupons and scan your Lidl Plus app at the checkout every time you shop to receive instant savings every week. Losing your loyalty card or realising you’ve left your vouchers at home as you're standing at the checkout are worries of the past now that you’ve got Lidl Plus. All that’s left to worry about is how you’re going to spend your savings.

Lidl Plus Benefits

Lidl Plus Scratch Card
Everyone's a winner with the digital scratch card. No really, every scratch wins!

Scratch & Win

Lidl Plus Card
Simply open the app and scan your Lidl Plus card at the checkout scanner every time you shop.

Lidl Plus Card

Lidl Plus Receipt
Never lose your receipt again. You can now view all your receipts on the Lidl Plus app.

Digital Receipt

Lidl Plus Store Finder
Exceptional value is never too far away! Use the Lidl Plus app to find your nearest Lidl store.

Store Finder

Lidl Plus Leaflet
Read our weekly digital leaflets and never miss another special offer again!

Weekly Leaflet

What is Lidl Plus?

Lidl Plus is our rewards app that offers instant savings and Lidl Treats to all our loyal customers. With Lidl Plus there are no more pointless points or accidentally putting your loyalty card in the washing machine, just instant rewards every time you shop. All you have to do is download the Lidl Plus app and save every week!

Need some help?

No problem, follow these 3 simple steps below.


1. Download Lidl Plus from the App Store or Google Play


2. Open the Lidl Plus app and follow the quick and easy registration instructions


3. Activate your coupons, scan your card on the app at the checkout and start saving!


Still having trouble? Read our FAQ section to find answers to commonly asked questions about Lidl Plus.


Completely lost? Get in touch with our Customer Service team here.


To read more about data protection and our privacy policy click here.