Electric Vehicle Charging Points

At Lidl we're proud to offer more Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers than any other retailer across the island of Ireland, supporting our commitment to protecting the environment as part of our "A Better Tomorrow Strategy"

To ensure we can sustainably invest in our EV charging network across our store infrastructure, we are now introducing a new EV charging pricing model for our customers. The introduction of this tariff will allow us to install a further 24 chargers in 2022, to add to our already existing 114 chargers across the island of Ireland.

Effective from 8th July 2022, payment for charging will be introduced at the following tariffs:

Republic of Ireland

AC Chargers 40c per kWh

DC Chargers 45c per kWh

Northern Ireland

 AC Chargers 36p per kWh

 DC Chargers 41p per kWh

All customers registered to use the existing EV chargers will receive an email from EasyGo directly notifying them in advance of the tariff being introduced on 8th July 2022.

Furthermore, colleagues who wish to charge their personal electric/hybrid vehicles at DHO or an RDC can avail of a discounted rate. The rate will be the actual cost of electricity per kWh to the business, for example, in July it would be 21c per kWh. This will be updated monthly, as the market moves and will take effect from 1st September 2022.

For guidance on how to use the Electric Vehicle EasyGo charging units, please refer to the below guide.