We all want to save money, whatever your savings goals are, Lidl is here to help! Start saving with Lidl's The Big Save, follow our five very different families on their savings journey and find out who you are most like by taking part in our quiz below.

The Gernons our Biggest Savers

The Gernons were saving for a family trip to Lapland and after 20 weeks they saved a whooping €2,720.34! We wish them a very happy holiday.

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The Big Save at Lidl

Every week, for 20 weeks each family submits their Lidl receipts to us, which we check against a competing store on the same day. Click below to see every shop each family did, and the receipts from competing stores from the same day!
Any savings made by the family that week is added to their rolling Big Save total, so you can watch their savings grow week by week.

The Families received a gratuity for participating. For shopping dates and prices please click here. Follow our families online, or keep an eye out for them on your screens!