Status Update: Newbridge Warehouse 

Huge progress has been made since our last update in February. Ground improvement works under the building are now complete. In excess of 400,000 cubic meters of earth has been processed on site, the majority of which has been treated for re-use to form the base for the warehouse and external yards.

The main warehouse steel frame is progressing very well with approx. 3,700 tonnes of structural steel erected to date as the warehouse frame nears completion. Roofing, wall cladding, retaining walls and first fix services are all following the steel frame with concrete yards and floors progressing well both internally and externally.

Road construction is progressing very well. A significant milestone was achieved recently with the opening of the new roundabout on the R445. A huge amount of work is also on-going on the further 1400m of new road that will link up the new roundabout on the R445 with the road adjacent to our existing warehouse.

Construction numbers on both the warehouse and road sites have now topped 300 with new contractors commencing weekly.

Thank you again to everyone for their ongoing support and patience.

Newbridge Warehouse August 2019