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Meet Our Pumpkin Supplier

Brian Carrick of Begleys Fresh Produce Group

Brian is a vegetable grower from Lusk, North County Dublin and has been working in horticulture since 1999. Until recent years Brian farmed 1 acre of protected glass house crops & employed 2 staff. He was contemplating leaving the produce business as he found it almost impossible to meet the increasing costs of farming without scaling up his operations.

On a chance meeting with some Lidl Ireland personnel at the Ploughing Championships several years ago Brian was asked to grow a crop of indoor salads. Based on fixed volumes and fair prices Brian was able to carve out a small profit for his business but more importantly his passion for the industry of food production was reenergised.

Following the success of this venture & knowing that Lidl Ireland is a big advocate of selling Irish produce, wherever possible, Brian was encouraged to look at crops that were being imported but that could be produced in Ireland. This lead to Brian producing Irish courgettes for several months of each of the past 4 years, reducing Lidl Ireland’s imports of this crop during the Summer months by over 90%.

Now in 2021 Brian is using the efficiencies gained with courgette growing to begin growing Irish Pumpkins on a large scale. Orange and Ghost Pumpkins will be on sale in Lidl Ireland stores during the Halloween season.

He now employs over 40 staff and despite this excellent growth over the recent years the core business values have not changed. It remains a family run business with Brian, his wife and son currently having prominent roles within the family business. In total now they grow over 120 acres of Irish produce annually for Lidl Ireland. With the ever increasing demand for good quality Irish produce and the commitment and support he has received from Lidl Ireland Brian is excited to continue on this journey in the future.

Keep an eye in our stores in 2022 and beyond for some new irish produce grown by brian & his team!