Sizzling Suggestions For Our Deluxe Sausages

The humble sausage. You can’t beat it… Well, you can actually. With our premium Deluxe sausages made by the award-winning Lougnane’s of Galway. Why not try recipe for Hot Dog’s Three ways, you can enjoy them at their very best? Slathered in honey mustard mayo, onions and crispy bacon, with zingy hot mustard, ketchup and gherkins, or with melty cheese, mustard and pickled red onions… Is anyone else getting hungry? 


Nothing says summer like the sizzle of sausages on the BBQ. So fire up the grill and make your family very happy.

Hot Dogs 3 ways

Hot Dogs 3 Ways

You can choose all three toppings or one type. Each topping quantity is enough for two hot dogs.


Hot Dogs 3 ways

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