Kids' Weighted Blanket

Silent Night

RRP €64
€ 39.99
100 x 150cm
From 20.09

• Ease Anxiety And Stress: Designed to give your child a therapeutic, gentle hug helping to prepare their body for sleep and relaxation.

• Made For Kids: The deep touch pressure stimulation of the blanket will help to ease the body into a calming and restful sleep, designed specifically for children. Getting a good night’s sleep is vital for growth and development.

• Super Soft: Made with super soft covers, creating extra huggable comfort.

• 3kg Weight: This blanket weighs 3kg and should be approximately 10% of the child’s body weight. The blanket is filled with undetectable weighted beads sewn into a soft and breathable quilted cover. The beads are housed within equally stitched pockets to prevent noise and movement and for even distribution.

• Machine Washable & Hypoallergenic: The blanket is suitable for machine washing, see care label for instructions. Fully hypoallergenic and does not contain any materials that are likely to cause allergies giving an undisturbed night’s sleep.

• Quality Guaranteed: 12 months manufacturer’s peace of mind guarantee. 

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