Bitterol Aperitivo Italiano 11%


€ 7.99
700ml | 1L = 11.41

Italian style herb and orange flavoured aperitif. The mix of herbs and a touch of orange flavour make Bitterol a refreshing aperitif.

  • Alc. 11% vol.
  • 70cl
  • Product of Italy

Goes great with Prosecco Treviso Frizzante DOC

Create Your Own Bitterol Spritz

  1. Fill a White Wine Glass with Ice
  2. Pour 90ml Prosecco
  3. Followed by 60ml of Bitterol Aperitivo
  4. Add 1 Splash of Soda Water (30ml)
  5. Garnish with an Orange Slice and serve

Bitterol is a refreshing and delicious aperitif. A mix of selected herbs and a hint of orange flavour give it its unique taste. Because of its versatility, Bitterol is ideal as an ingredient for refreshing cocktails. Serve neat, on ice or mixed with Prosecco, it is wonderfully refreshing and perfectly embodies the light Italian way of life.

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