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20V Robot Lawnmower

  • Powerful 20V Li-Ion battery (2Ah)
  • Area capacity: 500m²
  • Mowing time per battery charge (2Ah): approx. 45 mins
  • Charging time (2Ah): 60 mins
  • 3 adjustable area modes: entire perimeter, up to 5 defined secondary zones or spot mowing
  • Brushless motor - extra long life due to less wear and tear
Area capacity: 500m²
€ 199.99


How do I switch it on?

Switching on the lawn mower

1. Press and hold the START button for approx. 3 seconds until the display lights up.

2. Set the desired language. Select with the arrow buttons and confirm the selection with the OK button.

3. Set the date and time with the arrow buttons.

Confirm the selection with the OK button. The individual positions can be navigated with the OK button

How do I enter the PIN or Change the PIN?

Changing the PIN

1. If necessary, open the cover.

2. Unlock the display with the 4-digit PIN. (preset is 0000 or 1234)

3. Press the OK button to enter the main menu.

4. Use the arrow buttons to select “Settings”.

5. Confirm the selection with the OK button.

6. Use the arrow buttons to select “Change PIN”.

7. Confirm the selection with the OK button.

8. Enter the old 4-digit PIN. If you have entered the PIN incorrectly, use the back button to return to the PIN entry.

9. Now enter a new PIN.

10. Confirm the new PIN by entering it again. If you have entered the PIN incorrectly, return to the PIN entry with the back button and repeat steps 8 and 9.

11. You can recognise a successful change when “Successful!” appears on the display. Return to the main menu with the back button.

What’s the craic with laying the boundary wire?

Laying the boundary wire

Lay the boundary wire around the lawn area to be worked by the lawn mower. You can do this as follows:

- Stake out the lawn area. Fasten the boundary wire with the hooks (above ground).

- Stake out the hooks at a maximum distance of 1 m. Use additional hooks if the ground is uneven.

- Bury the boundary wire (11) in the ground (max. 5 cm deep).

The lawn mower crosses over the boundary wire by about 20 - 30 cm before it turns around and searches for a new path. Install the boundary wire accordingly to prevent damage.

For the initial installation, we recommend marking out the boundary wire (11) with the hooks (13) in case corrections need to be made at a later date.

The mower works perfectly with a boundary wire length of up to 200 m.

The lawn area must be bordered as a single enclosed area.

Can I give it a name?

Sure, feel free to christen your new robot friend with whichever name feels right.

Click here for instruction manual


  • 3 Year Guarantee