Lidl / Jigsaw partnership to date – since when, commitments & goals

Lidl support Jigsaw, who are helping us all find ways to support our mental health so that we can be there to support our young people.

Since partnering in 2018, Lidl has pledged to raise €1 million as well as national awareness for youth mental health. Now, more than ever, their support and guidance is needed for young people, their parents, guardians and educators.
Our objective is to positively contribute to the communities in which we live and operate. Through this partnership, we have worked with Jigsaw on a range of innovative and local campaigns to promote youth mental health. 


  • OneGoodManager - We rolled out a series of mental health talks and workshops to Lidl colleagues.
  • OneGoodClub - In association with the Ladies Gaelic Football we rolled out the pilot One Good Club programme and are aiming for national roll-out in the coming months.
  • OneGoodSchoolTM - To date, we have raised over €500k for Jigsaw, as well as committed all of our funds raised to Jigsaw’s national One Good SchoolTM programme, supporting the mental health and wellbeing of young people by developing a shared responsibility for mental health across the whole school community.
  • OneGoodAdult – Each year in the lead up to world mental health day (10th October), we have prioritised the Jigsaw message of, the role we can all play in supporting youth mental health and how the power of listening can support a young person close to you, more than you know. This message has been prioritised through our stores, products and communications. Learn more

Lidl supports Jigsaw and Jigsaw supports us all to help us find ways to support youth mental health.

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More For Youth

World Mental Health Day 10th October

We have extended our partnership and commi­tted to raising over €1 million to help Jigsaw support young people’s mental health nationwide.

To highlight WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY we have designed a bouquet dedicated to Youth Mental Health. From November we’ll also have a 10c donation to Jigsaw on our Fallons Original Blend Tea!

Jigsaw since covid-19

In responding to this Covid19 pandemic, Jigsaw had to rethink how to be there for young people and those around them.  As Ireland’s primary youth mental health charity, they have, for over 14 years, worked tirelessly in advancing young people’s mental health and developing supportive communities by providing a range of primary care services and supports.  From the start of this public emergency, they were adamant this would not change. 


On March 12th, Jigsaw announced the temporary suspension of their 12 face-to-face services across the country; they had to pause the ongoing roll out of their post-primary schools Initiative-One Good SchoolTM and they also postponed all their community work.  But Jigsaws commitment to being ‘open for business’ remained. 


They have had rethink how they operated their supports and services for young people (12-25), their parents and educators. They did this by developing a suite of digital services and responses on And they have added real value.  In the past three months Jigsaw have seen:

  • Visitors to quadrupled
  • Over 7,500 educators accessed our online supports
  • Over 4,900 support calls to young people made and received.
  • Our Jigsaw Connect webinar series for young people, parents and educators reached max capacity 

Jigsaw now

What is clear is that Jigsaw will emerge from the crisis a different organisation; one with a broader focus offering a more blended and holistic suite of services and supports with multiple entry points for young people, their parents, family members, friends, teachers, coaches and colleagues. 


This blended approach, one that offers choice and flexibility, is the best way to meet the ever changing needs of young people. In maximising these diverse channels and offerings Jigsaw can now provide a more personalised and bespoke support to young people, their families and communities, including, face-to-face support, phone support (1800 JIGSAW), video call support, email support, group chats, online supportive content, webinars, plus, much much more.  


Jigsaw work in communities, particularly the roll out of their One Good SchoolTM program, will be continuing as soon as circumstances allow.

Aim of this campaign

The Covid19 pandemic has impacted and affected all our lives. The uncertainty and isolation caused by this crisis is leaving many young people without the core things they need and value for their mental wellbeing. A hug, chats, walks in the park. A friend.  


While this crisis is impacting young people in so many ways, it also creates many new challenges for parents, family members, friends, teachers, coaches and colleagues. The loss of usual routines, trying to support young people through the crisis, juggling many roles and spending long periods of time cooped up with the family. All of this, combined with understandable worry regarding the crisis means it is vital for adults to look after their own mental health.

Jigsaw and lidl supermarket

We all need be there to support young people through these difficult times, we also need to ensure we look after our own mental health, because we cannot support others if we are not support yourselves. 


Lidl are supporting Jigsaw, and Jigsaw support us all to find ways to support our mental health, so we can be there to support our young people. Learn more at

Jigsaw and lidl supermarket

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Jigsaw, registered charity in Ireland. Registered charity number 20064846. Charity revenue number CHY 17439.