Lidl Ireland and Gaisce – The President’s Award are working together to save Ireland’s bee population – because they’re in danger! In 2021, Gaisce participants and communities across Ireland planted a whopping half a million pollinator friendly bulbs, and now that they are in bloom - we want to see your bees!

Lidl Ireland has teamed up with Gaisce – The President’s Award to offer bee-spotters an epic chance to win Lidl Ireland vouchers and if you’re currently a Gaisce Participant, to win an ADVENTURE JOURNEY for your whole group! See the prizes up for grabs below:

1.       Overall Prize: Winner will receive €1,000 worth of Lidl vouchers 

2.       One per county: Each winner to receive €100 worth of Lidl vouchers

3.       Group Prize: Gaisce Adventure Journey for up group up to 20 people.*

*You need to be a signed up Gaisce Award Participant to be part of a Gaisce Award Group who has a President's Award Leader.

We are encouraging winners to spend their vouchers on plants and garden equipment…because biodiversity is everyone’s bee-sniss! 

 Did you know that we’ve lost almost a third of our bees in recent years? Bees are dying in Ireland because there is a lack of food for them to eat and places for them to nest safely, and we want to change all of that by planting more pollinator friendly bulbs and flowers all across Ireland. Declining pollinators such as bees and butterflies are considered an essential part of the team at Lidl Ireland in producing food, as they transfer pollen, aiding in the fertilization of plants and flowers, producing seeds, ensuring a new generation of greenery is produced every day. That’s why we have 20 pollinator friendly stores across Ireland and we are delighted to announce a further 20 stores to be added bring the total stores to 40 by the end of the year. As a member of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan since 2018, we have been working collaboratively towards the protection of biodiversity and the conservation of native ecosystems in line with Ireland’s National Biodiversity Action Plan. Lidl’s Pollinator-Friendly Stores are an innovative concept whereby suitable surrounding areas at Lidl Ireland store locations are optimised to create an area of pollination promotion. Featuring reduced mowing practices, wildflower planting, an insect hotel and informative signage, these areas can look overgrown but are in fact a haven for pollinators like bees, butterflies and hoverflies, which are essential for the production of the fresh fruit and vegetables that Lidl Ireland is renowned for.

Right now, we want to help the ‘All Ireland Pollinator Plan’ who are coordinating Ireland’s efforts to look after our all-important biodiversity, find out how many bees are in Ireland and where they are!  So we want you to go out to your gardens, parks or check the pots on your window sills and wait to see when your local neighbour bee arrives. When they do, try and get your best photo and upload it for us to see! Please remember to be safe while you take your picture – keep your distance and ask for help if you need it. We’re looking for high quality photographs which show a bee landing on a flower close to where you live if possible – help us to #SeeYourBees!

Join us in celebrating World Bee Day on Friday 20 May by getting involved and letting us #seeyourbees

Gaisce – The President’s Award is a self-development programme for young people which enhances confidence and wellbeing through participation in personal, physical and community challenges. It is a direct challenge from the President of Ireland to all young people aged 14-25 to dream big and realise their potential. 

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See Your Bees Photography Competition Winners

Regional Winners

  1. Georgina Brennan-Stynes – Carlow – age 45
  2. Roisin Reilly – Cavan – age 22
  3. Fintan Conway – Clare – age 15
  4. Bridget Bransfield – Cork – age 29
  5. Amy Keating – Galway – age 18
  6. Cecylia Blaszczok – Donegal – age 60
  7. Keely Early – Dublin – age 28
  8. Regina Casey – Kerry – age 34
  9. Andrew Shinnick – Kildare – age 43
  10. Charlie Bibby – Kilkenny – age 16
  11. Oj Lawless – Laois – age 13
  12. Sara Andrews – Leitrim – age 53
  13. Sarah Hogan – Limerick – age 34
  14. Gillian Crilly – Longford – age 41
  15. Amy Rogers – Louth – age 18
  16. Nicoleta Iminova – Mayo – age 33
  17. Nicola – Meath – age 36
  18. Lauren McGahon – Monaghan – age 14
  19. Moyra Kilduff – Offaly – age 48
  20. Sarah Lait – Roscommon – age 50
  21. Naomi J Reilly – Sligo – age 26
  22. Emma O’Keeffe – Tipperary – age 17
  23. Emma O’Neill – Waterford – age 26
  24. Noreen Kilmartin – Westmeath – age 41
  25. Jamie Furlong – Wexford – age 11
  26. Ellen Cullen – Wicklow – age 57

National Winner

Chloe Winters – Galway – 23

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