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Flux Cored Wire Welder


ONLY 99.99 
from 17.01

Accessories included:

Adjustable two-roller wire feeder for fast and continuous welding

Robust metal housing with carry strap

0.45kg welding wire

1 burner nozzle (pre-mounted)

4 welding nozzles (1 pre-mounted)

1 welding shield

1 chipping hammer with integrated wire brush

1.5m earthing cable with powerful clamp

2m welding cable with exchangeable contact tips (for Ø0.6 / 0.8 / 0.9 / 1.0mm)

Functions without the use of protective gas

Fan cooling and overload protection due to the thermoalarm with indicator light


Welding current 40-90A

Rated voltage 230V

No-load voltage 32V

Protection class IP21S

Recommended material thickness 1-6mm

Weight 13.65kg

Power cable length 2m


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