Inverter Welder

€ 99.99
from 12.12

Electronically-controlled, smooth and uniform welding arc
Suitable for all standard stainless steel, cast and basic welding electrodes

Innovative inverter technology for better welds than with conventional devices

2m welding cable with electrode holder (for Ø1.6-2.5mm)

Length adjustable carry strap

2m earthing cable with a strong clamp

5 welding electrodes (2x 1.6mm / 2x 2mm / 1x 2.5mm), welding shield, combi-wire brush with chipping hammer, extension cable (2.0m)

3 Year Warranty 

Working current 10-80A
Suitable electrodes 1.6 to 2.5mm Ø
No-load voltage 68V

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