Barolo DOCG 2014

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€ 15.99

JEAN SMULLEN - Wine Journalist

There are four DOCG Areas in Piedmonte. Barbaresco, Barolo, Gattinara and Moscanto d’Asti Spumante.

The region’s climate is rigid by Italian standards with distinct changes of season. Winters are cold with plenty of snow; summers are usually warm and dry; spring and autumn are usually cool with fog at harvest time. Most of the vineyards are located in two major areas, the Langhe and Monferrato hills.

In the near by Langhe hills, Barolo (king of wines and wine of kings) is produced at the rate of about 6 million bottles a year.

So what do you expect from Barolo?

It is made from a grape called Nebbiolo which produces wines that are very perfumed and have a lot of tannin. The key to Nebbiolo is that it takes a long time to mature which means that you have wait for quite a while until it is ready to drink. Young Barolo can be very tannic and full bodied but once this classic wine style has some age on it you are treated to a mature, leathery, meaty wine style with lots of spice and acidity and amazing complexity. This wine has a  great cachet among wine lovers and is considered to be one of the greatest classic wine styles ever!!!

Barolo can be quite pricey, at €15.99 this is a very good price for this wine style. This wine is made to go with meat, or any dish with strong flavours as it has quite a lot of tannin. You could match it with risotto cooked with truffles and porcini mushrooms. Ideally though it is best served with roast beef or lamb, or a medium rare sirloin steak!

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