INISVALE Irish Beef Mince

We have a large selection of Beef Products which are suitable for those wishing to limit their intake of gluten. Please see below:

Inisvale Irish round Steak Mince IE 400g 20336516

Inisvale Irish lean Steak Mince IE 500g 20248352

Inisvale Extra Lean Mince 380g 20547639

InisvaleMince Beef 18% 900g 20687403

Inisvale Beef Mince 300g 20340575

Newgate Corned Beef 340g 20680756

Inisvale Stewing Beef 600g 20583644

Inisvale Stewing Beef 500g 20835156

Inisvale Lean Diced Beef Steak IE 400g 20102470

Inisvale Beef Stir Fry 420g 20484422

Inisvale Housekeepers Cut Roasting Joint IE 1kg 20336479

Inisvale Round Roast Joint 1kg 20583651

Braemoor Irish Angus Beef Quarterpounders 454g 20547578

Braemoor 8 Beefburgers & Onion 454g 20275624

Braemoor 4 Premium Beef Quarterpounders 454g 20115449

Deluxe Frozen Hereford Burger 454g 20629830

Deluxe Irish Hereford Beef Mince 450g 20433482

Deluxe Hereford Meatballs 300g 20629823

Inisvale Irish Hereford Lean Diced Beef Steak 300g 20515874

Deluxe Hereford Roasting Joint 1kg 20629816

The above list contains Lidl own brand products that are suitable for individuals limiting their intake of gluten. The products listed contain ≥20ppm (parts per million) of gluten, or are made without gluten-containing ingredients and also have controls in place during production to minimise the risk of contamination with gluten-containing ingredients. This information should only be used as a guide. Whilst we take every care to ensure product information is correct, food products are subject to change due to reformulation throughout the year. For this reason we encourage our customers to always refer to the ingredients list and allergen information on pack for all food products to ensure it suits their dietary requirements. 
Please note products are subject to availability and may not be available in all stores. Should you have any concerns or queries regarding Coeliac Disease we encourage you to contact The Coeliac Society of Ireland.

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