INISVALE 2 Irish Rib Eye Steaks

We have a large selection of Beef Steaks which are suitable for those wishing to limit their intake of gluten. Please see below:

Inisvale Peppered Sirloin Steak 390g 20628918

Inisvale Striploin Steaks with Peppercorn Butter 420g 20515508

Inisvale Striploin Steaks with Garlic Butter 420g 20515492

Strathvale Striploin Steak 200g 20628901

Inisvale Rib Eye Steaks 400g 20687397

Inisvale Rib Eye Steaks with Peppercorn Butter 420g 20484217

Inisvale 28 Day Aged Rib Roast on the Bone 1kg 20835026

Inisvale Sirloin Roast 1kg 20833817

Inisvale  Irish T-bone Steak 400g 20796105

Inisvale  Irish Cowboy Steak 400g 20796099

Inisvale  Irish Picanha Steak 200g 20834111

Deluxe 2 Irish Hereford Sirloin Steaks 454g 20925185

Inisvale Selection 2 Irish Hereford Rib Eye Steaks 454g 20925161

Deluxe 2 Irish Hereford Striploin Steaks 454g 20925147

Inisvale 2 Irish Hereford Rib Eye Steak  20925178

Deluxe 2 Irish Hereford Striploin Steaks 454g 20925147

The above list contains Lidl own brand products that are suitable for individuals limiting their intake of gluten. The products listed contain ≥20ppm (parts per million) of gluten, or are made without gluten-containing ingredients and also have controls in place during production to minimise the risk of contamination with gluten-containing ingredients. This information should only be used as a guide. Whilst we take every care to ensure product information is correct, food products are subject to change due to reformulation throughout the year. For this reason we encourage our customers to always refer to the ingredients list and allergen information on pack for all food products to ensure it suits their dietary requirements. 
Please note products are subject to availability and may not be available in all stores. Should you have any concerns or queries regarding Coeliac Disease we encourage you to contact The Coeliac Society of Ireland.

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