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Meet The O'Connors

  • The O'Connors
    The O'Connors

    Meet The O'Connors

    Valerie and her two sons, Saoirse and Leon, are from Limerick City. Saoirse is a 5th year secondary school student who likes to dabble in acting, and Leon is studying animation at Limerick School of Art & Design.

    They’re a very food conscious family. Valerie and Leon have recently made the switch to becoming vegans while Saoirse remains a big meat eater. While this doesn’t cause a conflict at the dinner table, Saoirse is resigned to cooking his own meals – much to the delight of Val! She’s food mad and has written three cookbooks, so delicious home-cooked meals are a staple under their roof.

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  • Q&A with the O'Connors
    Q&A with the O'Connors

    Q&A with The O'Connors

    Q.  Tell us a bit about our family

    We are a film-mad family and the boys have been making films and animations and winning awards since they were small kids. Leon is now studying animation in Limerick School of Art and Design. Saoirse is the actor and has been in Vikings and now a Lidl ad!

    Saoirse is 17 and in 5th year, Leon is 19 and in 1st year in college.

    I'm food mad and have written three cookbook. I've often found myself standing in Lidl in my PJs (Limerick style!) looking for an ingredient for a food photo, or recipe for a book or newspaper piece.

    Is it quirky that we have a Lidl gym in my living room, stashed under the dining table? I've a trampoline, kettle bells and foam roller to keep me in shape! Leon uses them too but Saoirse can’t be bothered.

    We're two vegetarians, so there's one carnivore which annoys Saoirse no end, as he has to cook all his own meals now! Lidl is a lifesaver as it’s a great shop for ingredients that are otherwise very expensive for delicious, high quality, vegetarian food. 

  • O'Connors

    The O'Connors Top Lidl Products

    My favourite thing about Lidl is that you never know what gems you’re going to get on a given day. As a keen gardener who grows a lot of my own herbs, salad bits and fruit, I find their plants and seeds amazing value and quality...and I've used them to plant other peoples’ gardens too! I buy the compost, pots and all the garden gizmos I use in my tiny yard and roof garden (which I'm very proud of) from Lidl.

    I also love the baking tins - sure, being German, they have a level of practicality and quality that’s just that bit better. From food mixers to sun loungers, everything I’ve bought in Lidl is great quality and value and if there is ever a problem, the customer service is excellent. My recent purchase of dungarees from have received many compliments too! Will 2017 be the year of the Lidl wardrobe? Put my name down on the test list anyway!

    Our favourite Lidl products are;

    • Duck confit - Saoirse
    • White chocolate chip cookie - Saoirse
    • Baguette - Saoirse
    • Brazilian coffee - Val
    • Edamame and butter bean salad - Val
    • Passata - Val
    • Saint Emillion Grand Cru - Val
    • Fair Globe Dark Chocolate – Leon
    • Sun dried tomatoes in jar- Leon
    • Tomato pesto - Leon