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Meet Luke & Amy

  • Meet Luke & Amy
    Meet Luke & Amy

    Meet Luke & Amy

    Luke and Amy are from Dublin and have been together since they were teenagers. The pair are big fans of tattoos - Luke is a tattoo artist by trade!

    They have a lot of mouths to feed with three lively dogs and their first baby on the way. The pair are quite health conscious as Amy is a coeliac.

    They enjoy shopping in Lidl, especially as Amy's able to satisfy all her different cravings while meeting all her Full Shop criteria! Learn more about their shopping trip - and their savings! 

  • Luke & Amy
    Luke & Amy

    Q&A with Luke & Amy

    Q. Tell us a bit about your family?

    We have two cheeky chihuahuas named Baby and Chuck, and a lovely old Rescue Collie Cross named Tara.

    We have been together nearly a decade and married for a year - we're expecting our first bundle of joy soon!

    Q. Tell us a little bit about your careers?

    Luke is a tattoo artist. We've travelled around the world getting tattooed. I (Amy) have a BA Honours degree in Photography - so as you can tell, visuals are important to us both. Beneath all our tattoos, we're a pretty normal couple who enjoy simple things like a stroll and a cup of coffee on a Sunday!

    We've are definitely best friends!

    Q. Are you excited about your new arrival?

    Yes! Our baby girl is due on June 30th! Some family members know its a girl and some don't so we don't mind whether the sex of the baby is a secret or not. So, if you're reading this and you didn't know - SURPRISE!

  • Luke & Amy
    Luke & Amy

    Luke & Amy's Top Lidl Products

    We love the Weekly Special Offers! It’s the first thing we check when we go shopping.

    We get sidetracked pretty often and have to convince each other on whether we do or don't actually need it.....for example, Luke and his 'man tools'. You don't need any more tools, Luke! Put down the shiny hammer!

    Our top Lidl products are;

    • Dog Treats
    • Variety of Cheese
    • Greek Yoghurts
    • Variety of Deli Meats
    • Bottled 100% Fruit Juice
    • Spinach
    • All the Cleaning Products
    • Packaged Nuts
    • Frozen Veg
    • Baby Range (stocking up for our new arrival!)