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Meet Denis & Marie

  • Denis & Marie
    Denis & Marie

    Meet Denis & Marie

    Denis and Marie are siblings from Whitechurch, Cork. Denis is in 5th year, and Marie is in 1st year. They are from a family of five, with older sister Anna away at college during the week.

    Their parents, Catherine and Paul like to give them responsibility, so they regularly help out with the weekly shopping.

    Denis is a leader by nature, and this shines through, especially when helping out with their full shop! Marie has a bit of a sweet tooth, and happily chances her arm with sneaking treats in to the trolley while Denis isn’t looking…

    Watch their Full Shop video today, and learn how you can save on your full shop at Lidl...AND ensure you get your almonds!

  • Q&A with Denis & Marie
    Q&A with Denis & Marie

    Q&A with Denis & Marie

    Q. Tell us a bit about your family?

    Next year we’re thinking about entering Irelands Fittest Family...not. 

    All the kids play an instrument but mam and dad don’t have a musical bone in their body. 

    Everyone says Anna, Denis and Marie look like mam but nobody has ever said that we look like dad.

    Some years we go on holidays abroad but every year without fail we go on holidays down to Clonakilty in a dinky caravan that I don’t know how we fit into!

  • Top Lidl Products
    Top Lidl Products

    Denis & Marie's Top Lidl Products

    We can't resist the bakery... the second you walk through the door you can smell all the delicious breads and pastries. I love when they're just after putting out the product and it’s still warm. Also, in our local Lidl, near the door there’s a drinks machine which has such a good variety of drinks which taste so good. And the best part is they’re all only a €1!

    Our favourite Lidl products are;

    • ALL of the fresh pastries and breads from the bakery
    • Apple juice
    • Special offers on fruit and veg
    • Free range Irish chicken
    • Smoked salmon
    • Blueberries
    • Free range Irish eggs
    • Gluten free bread
    • Bixies
    • And of course peelable cheese twirlers