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Come Visit Our Garden At Bloom Thursday May 30th to Monday June 3rd

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Jigsaw - #FiveADay

Jigsaw & Lidl

Jigsaw, Lidl Ireland’s official charity partner, recommends five actions that we can all do everyday to boost our wellbeing and support our mental health; Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give. Lidl’s garden provides simple ideas to support each of these actions, helping people get their five a day for their mental health.

Be Active

Step outside, get some fresh air. Try some outdoor yoga.

Take Notice

Be aware of the world around you and of what and how you are feeling right now. Take notice of the world passing by in the secluded mindfulness corner.


Pick up the phone. Talk. Relationships matter. Connect with close ones and chat outside during the warm summer evenings in -the 

Give Back

Do something nice for a friend or a stranger. Be kind. Give back by supporting the enviroment with insect hotels and pollinator plants.

Keep Learning

Join a group, learn to dance, take up an instrument, use your voice. Learn something new by tending to a herb or fruit and vegetable patch.

Check out Five Super Tips from our Bloom Garden Designer, Svaja Vaicula. Following these simple steps can help you easily build a sustainable eco-friendly garden.


Place insect hotels in your garden. They will provide shelter for many beneficial insects especially solitary bees

Pollinator Friendly Plants

Plant a succession of attractive nectar flowers for various pollinators. Honeybees prefer simple flowers like cornflowers, lavenders and dandelions. They love legumes - peas, beans, sweet peas - as well as ivy, blackberries and the blossom of flowering trees.


Leave a patch of a long grass and let the grass flower. It's the best way to introduce many buzzing insects into your garden


Water is really important to create a good balance in your garden. It could be as simple as a birdbath or a big bowl of a still shallow water. Even better if you can have a little shallow pond.

Natural Fertilizers

Use just natural fertilizers and pest control for all your vegetables and flowers. Strive to help in creating a healthy balanced self-sustaining environment.