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Meet Adrian & Mary

  • Adrian & Mary
    Adrian & Mary

    Meet Adrian & Mary

    Adrian and Mary are retired couple, who’ve been together for 45 years. They live in Blarney, Co Cork.

    Mary cooks daily for both herself and Adrian, and very frequently, her extended family. She used to own a B&B, so cooking for hungry masses definitely comes in handy when her 6 children, and 6 grandchildren, all descend around the dinner table! On top of being a dab hand in the kitchen, she loves a good bargain – so perhaps it’s lucky that Adrian and Mary always do their shopping together. Adrian keeps this instinct in check...when he can!

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  • Q&A with Adrian & Mary
    Q&A with Adrian & Mary

    Q&A with Adrian & Mary

    Q. Tell us a little bit about your family?

    We have a big family - we've six children and six wonderful grandchildren. When we all get together - dinner time is definitely busy! I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Q. Who does most of the cooking?

    I (Mary) cook every day and also cook dinners for my children frequently too! I love it when the family comes around. 

    Q. What are your favourite recipes?

    There's a tasty chicken & mushroom dish which I love - I serve it with rice or potatoes. Adrian is fond of slow cooked steak. Homemade cottage pie is definitely a favourite with the family, and great for a large amount of people!

  • Adrian & Mary's Top Lidl Products
    Adrian & Mary's Top Lidl Products

    Adrian & Mary's Favourite Lidl Products

    We love the selection that's available. I cook a lot and the variety available is excellent - as is the quality. That's what it's all about, really.

    We love, love, LOVE the centre aisle where there are always things to pick up, if not for me, for one of my children or grandchildren. Can you tell I'm a bit of a bargain hunter? My favourite bits and bobs to pick up are for my kitchen.

    Our top Lidl products are;

    • Fruit and all vegetables 
    • Steak sirloin and Rib eye 
    • Milbona large yogurts 
    • Olive oil 
    • Breads are great 
    • Pots of herbs 
    • Deluxe range of Spanish and Italian condiments
    • Chorizo, olives and cheese
    • Italian prosciutto ham 
    • Ice creams