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  • ​Our Full Shop Campaign – What’s it all about?

    Every trolley tells a hundred stories, and Lidl is host to them all. 

    Do you ever wonder what other people put in their trolleys, or whether their shopping trips are as smooth and seamless as they seem? Well, we have the answers! Our new Lidl Trolleycam campaign gives you an insight in to real customers, real experiences and their shopping habits. 

    We're showing you the range & value available, and that it is possible to do your full shop at Lidl, no matter who you are! #lidltrolleycam


    Lidl wants to make sure that every customer gets more out of their shop with us. Lidl has always provided excellent value and quality, and now we have extended our range of products to provide our shoppers with everything they need for a full shop. 

    Our latest #lidltrolleycam campaign puts this to the test and gets up close and personal with the real shopping habits of the nation. So, no matter what way our customers like to shop, no matter who they're shopping for or what their price range is - Lidl has everything they need for a full shop to make everyone happy!