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Lidl's Partnership with Crosscare

We saw an opportunity to partner with a mobile foodbank who would collect surplus food and product on a daily basis from each of our participating Lidl stores in Dublin. Crosscare then redistribute the donated product to over 70 charities working to help those marginalised, excluded and/or living in poverty. The remaining food is returned to the three Crosscare Community Cafés catering for over 600 people on a daily basis and via a Meals-on-Wheels service for those housebound. 

Lidl have successfully been partnered with Crosscare since 2013 and have diverted over 45 tonne’s of food from landfill creating over 100,000 meals for those in need of support and making a saving of over 145 tonnes of co2 emissions.


Bia Food and Lidl

Building on the success of our partnership with Crosscare, we saw an opportunity to extend our structured food donation programme to Cork

In January of this year, Lidl Ireland and Bia Food Initiative announced details of a partnership which seen a structured food donation programme launched for Cork. Lidl aims to donate the equivalent of 100,000 meals to Bia Food Initiative in 2016 with 41,000 meals having already been donated. This equates to a saving of 59 tonnes of co2 emissions